Veronica Wolff on Diane Keaton

Veronica in her fab specs. I love Veronica Wolff. We met accidentally, at a dinner with Anne Mallory and Bella Andre (two other favorites of mine), and I knew then, in between the laughs and the stories, that we'd be fast friends. It's probably because she's a tall woman with a big smile. I like those things in a person.

Since then, I've come to love every one of Veronica's books--which she writes in about a bajillion genres because she's far more organized and put together than I am--I mean, the woman can write a hunk in a kilt like nobody's business (I'm looking at you, Cormac MacAlpin) and a big-city-girl-gone-small-town contemporary to make you sigh like mad (see her latest, Timber Creek, for proof). 

So, when I discovered that she's also a girl who wears glasses, I thought, "Of course she is. She's just that awesome." I am thrilled to host Veronica here to talk about her favorite lady in lenses--the incomparable Diane Keaton (for the record, also tall with a big smile). 

Welcome Veronica! 


Keaton the Coolest

Little round ones, clunky square ones, ones that are tinted purple, green, or amber…Diane Keaton has worn them all.

She’s an actress. Director and producer. A mom. A conservationist. A trendsetter in ties and fedoras…and glasses. As I get older, I look for role models. I don’t want to become one of those women who fights the years with scalpels and fillers. I want to go the Diane Keaton route. No nips or tucks. Instead, I’ll rock a pair of John Lennon specs with tinted lenses, or maybe something in leopard. Something Ms. Keaton might wear.

On her, glasses aren’t defeat. Glasses aren’t second best. They’re fierce. They’re a statement. They make her look independent and strong. They’re stylish as hell. She looks like the person you’d want to sit next to at a dinner party. The one in the room who knows her own mind. The sort of woman who might sing at a nightclub, or write a book, or date a famous movie star, or be someone’s muse. And you’d be right—she’s done all those things.

Do men make passes at women in glasses? Hellz yeah. Just ask Diane Keaton. Men love her, but you see, that’s beside the point. She’s cool just as she is, and we love her for it.


She is SO COOL. I want to be Diane Keaton when I grow up. Seriously. 

Giveaway time! Veronica is offering up  a signed copy of her latest, Timber Creek, and a copy of Devil’s Own, featuring her own bespectacled heroine, Elspeth Farquharson, who would have made a great friend to Pippa.

And because I'm crazy about Keaton, too...I'm throwing in a DVD of my favorite of her movies -- Manhattan Murder Mystery (which, aside, Eric thinks I only love because I would absolutely 100% do what she does in this flick)!  

To win, comment below with your favorite longstanding actress! We'll choose a winner (US Only) on Wednesday!