Spot The Season Photo Contest! Awesome Prize!

Ok, y'all...back in February when The Season began to appear in the wild, dozens of you guys started sending in photos of the book in its natural habitat...bookstores, libraries, chillin' with cats...

and i LOVED it.

Loved it loved it loved it! I started putting all those photos on a map...which lives in my sidebar, and I would go home everyday and irritate my husband by showing him the newest awesome photos of the day!

But stopped sending them. so...suffice to say...i got sad. :(

And YOU--yes, you in the middle--Kansas? Nebraska? Wyoming? Montana? What happened to you? My map is so sad and pathetic in the middle! Come on! Alaska delivered! And Alaska is FAR!

But then...a bright spot.

This week, Molly & Clare (a mother/daughter team who sound AWESOME) and the incredible Carrie Ryan (yes...THE...FAMOUS...CARRIE RYAN)...sent me new photos out of the blue! YAY!

Don't you want to be as awesome as Molly & Clare & Carrie? Send me your photos!

Need me to sweeten the deal? Well...ok. If you insist. I just so happen to have awesome bookmarks that have special commissioned art of The Season girls on them! I offer you this awesome trade -- your photos of The Season in the wild for a bookmark!

Shall I sweeten the deal even more? The best, most creative photo of The Season in the wild (indoors or outdoors, with people or without) will receive a SIGNED POSTER of The Season! Isn't that worth it?

The contest is now, officially open! I'll put all the photos on my map...and choose the winning photo on June 19th. That gives you two weeks to be as creative as possible!

Yay! I'm so excited!