Shana Galen Celebrates Ariel Winter, Girl Who Wears Glasses

Today the beautiful and talented Shana Galen is joining us for Girls Who Wear Glasses Month! Shana's gearing up for the release of her next book, If You Give a Rake a Ruby, out next week, and she's taken a little time to hop in the hot seat and tell us about her favorite lady in lenses--Ariel Winter!

Welcome, Shana!


Ariel Winter wearing GlassesI had to get glasses when I was 13. You would have thought the world was about to end from the way I carried on. I was afraid no boy would ever ask me on a date, and everyone would call me “Four Eyes.” My mom gave me a poster of Marilyn Monroe wearing glasses and that helped. A lot.

Maybe if I’d had a role model like Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, I wouldn’t have stressed so much. From pictures I’ve seen, Ariel Winter wears glasses in real life too.

Celebrate your girl who wears glasses -- what makes her so fabulous?

One thing I like about the character of Alex is that she isn’t afraid to show how smart she is. When I was in school, it was cool to act like an airhead. Girls weren’t supposed to be smart. We were supposed to wear pink and be pretty.

What's one trait you wish you could steal from your four-eyed female?

One trait I want to steal from Alex Dunphy is her prowess in math and science. I was never good at either. No surprise, I was good at English.

What lesson can we all learn from your lady in lenses?

Be true to yourself.

You're breaking bread with your vision-impaired vixen...what question are you dying to ask?

I’d ask what her vocal training was. Since I have a three-year-old, I’ve been watching a new show about a princess named Sofia. Ariel Winter does her voice and sings too. Her voice is amazing, especially for her age.


Your turn, readers! Tell Shana and me who you had pinned to your childhood walls, and one lucky commenter (US Only) will win a copy of When You Give A Duke a Diamond!