Sarah Cross Sweetens the Deal

The amazing Sarah Cross interviewed me this week for her blog. For those of you who don't know Sarah, you should. Don't believe me? Consider the following five-point plan. First, she's the author of the incredible Dull Boy, which is out in May and which I have been lucky enough to read early. It's clever and funny and endearing and I can't wait to own my own copy! Second, she's super fun and wickedly funny and a blast to hang out with. Third, she knows everything (read: EVERYTHING) there is to know about superheros, comic books, and awesome gaming. And she's a girl, which is rad. Fourth, her name is Sarah. Fifth, she loves Baxter, despite never having met him.

But...I should warn you...she has a flaw. A tragic one. Sarah Cross has never read a Jane Austen novel. I know. I shall wait while you take a moment to recover...................

Admitting the problem is the first step, though. And Sarah has officially admitted the problem...and she is willing to rectify the situation with some coaxing. As part of the interview, she is giving away a signed copy of The Season! AND...if she gets 50 entries in the giveaway, this comic-book-reading-super-hero-loving-Halo-playing Cool Girl will read Pride & Prejudice. Well, at least TRY to read it. If she gets 100 entries in the giveaway, she will READ THE WHOLE THING.

So go on over to Sarah's Blog, enter the contest, and restore sense and sensibility to the world!

...oh...and to those who are wondering, of course I'm not going to make her buy her first book by Aunt Jane. I'm going to buy it for her. :)