Sara Ramsey on Meryl Streep

I'm so excited to host Sara Ramsey on the blog today -- Sara is a full on blast, and we've had some great meals and great gossip sessions and great laughs in the few years since we met for the first time! And I am really enjoying her Muses of Mayfair series (and their titles!), which began with Heiress Without a Cause and continues with Scotsmen Prefer Blondes. When I started Girls Who Wear Glasses month, I just knew that she would pick someone awesome for the blog...and I was right! Not only has she chosen one of the most iconic, important, downright idolotry-worthy women of our time...I cackled with glee when I saw the image she attached to her email--what a fabulous choice!

Welcome, Sara!


I freaking love Meryl Streep. She's not only an amazing talent, but she's also someone I can picture having a conversation with over a bottle of wine. And I deeply admire how she's built her career in an industry that values female youth.

I also adore that she wears glasses so often. One of Meryl's most iconic glasses-wearing roles is Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. Her glasses are part of her powerful, highly-driven image - they're sharp and vaguely sexy, and she often uses them as a prop to express her disapproval.

By contrast, the glasses she wears when giving acceptance speeches in real life are more blunt and squared-off, still lovely but a bit more utilitarian. They're the glasses of a woman who accepts that she needs them and doesn't care about anyone else's approval.

Technically, I'm a girl who wears glasses. But unlike Meryl, I don't quite embrace them. When I wear glasses, I feel like I've just stumbled out of bed (sadly, not in a sexy way). I still feel prettier when I wear my contacts - and I wear them for sixteen hours a day, when I should probably give my eyes a break.

I don't like divulging this insecurity. It's almost like I've failed as a woman, since I should be evolved enough that such stupidly superficial things don't matter. But Meryl and all the other amazing women who wear glasses are a huge inspiration to me - not just for little things like being comfortable in glasses, but for big things, like succeeding in male-dominated industries or persevering even when it seems that the roles (or book contracts) have dried up.

The bottom line is that Meryl Streep inspires me to live a fuller, more dedicated creative life. Being a writer requires you to be vulnerable enough to bleed yourself onto the page - and impervious enough to withstand rejection and criticism. This is all so much easier if you have enough confidence in yourself to wear your glasses to the grocery store without feeling like a freak. My goal is to be more like Meryl, and to choose hard, interesting projects (with the occasional "Mamma Mia!" thrown in for fun). And a small but important step on that journey is to own my glasses-hood.

So, thanks to Sarah MacLean for giving me the chance to think about this - and thanks to all you other hot glasses-wearing ladies for rocking out with such confidence!


All hail Meryl and her awesome!

And all hail Sara and her awesome! I love this blog post because it shows just how much the little things count in our day to day lives. As Sara's friend, I can say with 100% conviction that she has in no way failed as a woman -- she's beautiful and smart and talented...and that's a full-on win!

Your turn, readers...let's stare insecurity down!

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