Rogue Release Week! Goodie Giveaway!

A picture of all the loot I'm giving away in honor of the Release day of Rogue! A Rogue By Any Other Name is out in the world in all it's Disney Princess-y glory TOMORROW! I'm so thrilled to have heard from many of you, who have preordered and (in some cases) already hunted down a copy of Penelope and Bourne's story! My readers are the BEST!

Because y'all are just amazing, I thought I would put together a very special Rules of Scoundrels giveaway for you! As you know by now, Rogue is the first book in the Rules of Scoundrels series, which focuses on four fallen aristocrats and the legendary, exclusive gaming hell that they founded together.

The best part about writing this series is that it gives me absolute license to watch movies and read books about gambling and casinos without anyone judging me. Though, if you knew how many times I'd watched Ocean's 11 and Casino Royale in the last year, you'd probably judge me anyway.

BUT! I thought it would be fun to jazz up my traditional release-week giveaway (A signed copy of A Rogue By Any Other Name) by adding to it! This go round, I'm adding a batch of the things that inspire me while I write the series...including:

- A casino movie collection including:

Ocean's 11 (both the 1960 and the Clooney/Pitt version) Ocean's 12 Ocean's 13, and Casino Royale

A black and white photo of the Bicycle Card Guardian's Deck, complete with amazing new black and white art featuring pretty badass angels. The cards I imagine would be used at The Fallen Angel

- A deck of the incredible Bicycle Guardians cards--which I'm 100% certain would have been the cards of choice of the men of The Fallen Angel had Bicycle made amazing cards in the 1830s. Check out the gorgeous art...those angels are as badass as the owners of my casino.

- The Little Black Book of Casino Gambling, which taught me the rules of all the modern versions of the games played at The Fallen Angel, a terrific beginning and great prep work for when I become a card shark.

- A copy of the most recent Interview magazine, with the handsome, Bourne-inspiring Michael Fassbender on the cover!

- A pair of "Rules of Scoundrels" casino dice--I had these made specifically for the release of A Rogue By Any Other Name and in honor of the new series!

And other goodies like bookmarks and door hangers and the like.

YAY! So...TO WIN...comment below with your favorite casino-related movie, song or book (and why!)...or, if you're a casino goer, tell me what you like best about gaming! OR...if you can't do either of those things, tell me why Michael Fassbender is so very dreamy. Or all three! One lucky winner will be chosen on Wednesday!

In other news, today I'm on the way up to Rhode Island for the launch party for A Rogue By Any Other Name at Barrington Books in Barrington, RI. The event starts tomorrow at 7 and involves wine and cheese--two things I like very very much. If you're in RI or know someone who is, please come or tell them to come! I'm going to be talking about the research for the book, my hero--the hardest man I've ever had to spend a year with--and other romancey stuff!

Later this week, I'll be in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday night with Eloisa James and Maya Rodale for a reading and signing at WORD Brooklyn, and then in Lansing, Michigan with Maya, Sophia Nash, Katherine Ashe, and Caroline Linden for a "Girls Afternoon Out" at Schuler Books!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so awesome and reading my blog...and also my books. You're the best part of this whole gig. Really.



Updated to add: The winner of this giveaway is Becky M! Congratulations!