Regency Contest! I hadn't planned on this giveaway...but something happened tonight that inspired me...namely that fellow 2009 Debutante Jenny Moss SAW THE SEASON IN A BOOKSTORE TODAY!!!


Ok. So. After some looking, it appears that there are Barnes and Nobles across the country that are already stocking The Season! Of course, none of these Barnes and Nobles are in New York City. Of course. And so, I turn to you, dear readers! If you're in a bookstore anytime in the next two weeks...and you see The Season...AND you take a picture of it and send it to will win something awesome!

"Something awesome, you say, Sarah?"

Indeed, dear reader. I did say just that. You win a Regency-themed or Season-themed goodie from my Regency/Season goodie bag...which I had planned to break open in March! But, instead, I break it open here and now. In there are stickers, magnets, pins, bookmarks, postcards, greeting cards and other odds and ends (all nifty)! To sweeten the deal, the FIRST person to send a photo of The Season in an ACTUAL bookstore, will win copies of my two favorite Regency books (I'm not saying who they're by, but the author's name might rhyme with Rain Pausten)!