Pamela Palmer's Ten Ways to Recognize a Feral Warrior Shapeshifter

A confession.  Before Pamela Palmer, I'd never read a shapeshifter romance. I know, I know, it's devastatingly shocking...and frankly I shouldn't be so quick to admit it in mixed company, but you'll be happy to know that once I read Desire Untamed, I couldn't stop myself...and in the ensuing year, I have done my very best to make up for lost time because Oh. Em. Gee...they are good.

And now, I can't stop myself.

Pamela Palmer has made me a shapeshifter addict. Like, I might need a 12-step program, seriously.

I'm so so so thrilled that Pamela was willing to take time out of her crazy schedule of writing more of these books (the next...Hunger Untamed, about out February 22nd! Yummy cover here!) to help celebrate the launch of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord with her:

Ten Ways to Recognize a Feral Warrior Shapeshifter

1. He’s big (at least 6’6”), thoroughly ripped, and gorgeous. A beautiful male specimen.

2. He’s not alone, and his friends are every bit as big and buff.

3. He walks like the predatory animal he is.

4. Around one thick biceps, he wears a golden armband with the head of the animal he shifts into.

5. Somewhere on his body, if you’re lucky enough to see them, are a set of permanent claw marks that first appeared when he was marked by the animal spirit to be the next (and only) shifter in his animal line.

6. He’s aggressive, a true warrior, and likely to be fighting draden (which you can’t see), Mage (which you can unless you’ve been enthralled by one) or each other (just for the fun of it).

7. If he’s in fighting mode, he’s likely gone feral, meaning he no longer looks quite human with the fangs that have dropped from his gums, the claws that have sprouted from his fingertips, and the animal eyes now staring at his opponent. Or you.

8. If you happen to watch him get injured, look closely and you’ll see the injury heal miraculously fast. The man is immortal.

9. He disappears in a shower of sparkling lights. And where he stood now prowls a magnificent creature—perhaps a lion or wolf or panther.

10. You see him watching you with a fierce and sexy look in his eye that promises he’ll take you to paradise, he’ll protect you with his immortal life. And he’ll never let you go.


Did I not say that these Feral Warriors were addictive? I mean, please. Are you surprised after all these traits? Pam has offered a signed copy of Rapture Untamed, about my favorite of the Warriors, Jag, to one commenter!  Last time Pam was here, we had commenters choose the most unlikely shape shifter (I believe the were-turtle won!) This time, tell us what animal you most enjoy (or you'd most like to see) in a shape shifter romance! We'll choose one commenter at random on Monday to win Pam's book!

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