Pamela Palmer's Nine rules of dating a Feral Warrior Shifter

To celebrate the launch month of Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, I've asked some of my favorite authors to share their own Nine Rules here on the blog...

About six months ago, I was in the Avon offices and I made an embarrassing confession--that I'd never read a shapeshifter romance.  Well.  That was not going to be allowed to go on if I was ever going to be able to show my face proudly in those offices again.  I left with my marching Pamela Palmer's Feral Warriors series. I bought the first, Desire Untamed, on my way home.  I bought the next two the next morning; because I was hooked. Utterly. Completely. Hooked.

Holy Cannoli.  You gotta read these books.

So...I'm so so so thrilled that Pamela was willing to take time out of her crazy schedule of writing more of these books (the next...Rapture Untamed, about Jag, my favorite of the Feral out June 29th.  HAWT cover here!) to join my Nine Rules celebration!

Nine Rules of Dating a Feral Warrior Shifter

1. Don't wear clothes that snag easily on claws

2. Don't wear fur

3. Bring a purse big enough to carry an extra pair of his pants if he has to shift

4. Be prepared for anything

5. Don't be alarmed by the sudden arrival of large predatory animals

6. Be prepared to hold his weapons if he has to shift

7. Don't be alarmed if he starts stabbing the air with his knives -- you can't see the things he's fighting

8. Wear heels – no matter how tall you are, you’re going to feel small

9. Be prepared for the night of your life!

As a FANTASTIC added bonus to her awesome Nine Rules, Pamela has offered one lucky commenter the first three books in the Feral Warriors Series: Desire Untamed (starring hot Lyon), Passion Untamed (perfect Paenther), and Obsession Untamed (yummy Tighe)!

To win, comment below with the animal least likely to be featured as a hero in a shape-shifter romance (I'm looking forward to this one)! Pamela will choose the most unlikely animal and the winner on Monday! (Don't forget to put your email address in the comment!)

And stay tuned for the rest of the month--and a dozen more Authors Rule(s) posts from an awesome range of authors! To read more of Authors Rule(s), please click here!

ETA: Congratulations to Linda...who chose "turtle!"  Pam told me that "the thought of a pet turtle trying to race into battle, his neck sticking out as he makes NO progress, makes me laugh." Linda won signed copies of the first three books in the Feral Warriors series!