One Week Until Rogue! iPhone Case Giveaway & Audiobook Snippet!

I can't believe A Rogue By Any Other Name will be here in a week! I remember that when I was writing this one, I had trouble believing that it would ever be finished...let alone on shelves! Oh! Don't forget that my local indie is selling signed/personalized copies of the US Version of Rogue...order by Thursday evening from WORD directly (you also get fun Rules of Scoundrels dice with these purchases)! Anyway...I'm getting super duper excited, and you know what that means!


First, I have two of these super fun Rogue iPhone cases up for giveaway! For those of you who are regular readers, you know that I am married to a total tech guy, who tries at every turn to get me to bring technology to the Regency. He succeeded this time, with these gorgeous iPhone cases! (They fit the iPhone 4 and 4S) I've signed them both on the inside, and if you win, you can choose to have me sign the outside, and I will, happily (albeit nervously).

I'm bundling these cases with one signed printed copy of the UK edition of Rogue...which you can't get in the States! To enter, comment below with your favorite scene from any one of my books...I'll choose TWO winners on Friday (Open internationally!)!

But WAIT! Before you go do that...check this out! Rogue is the first of my books to become an audiobook! It's read by the fabulous Rosalyn Landor (who does Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas's audiobooks, too!), and while I haven't heard the whole thing, I have heard this excerpt, which I can share with you! The audiobook will be available as a digital download on Tuesday, along with the print and e-book editions!

It's SO WEIRD to hear the book read aloud...I just...aaaah!!! So weird and awesome!

So....that's where I'm at today...iPhone cases and audiobooks! Hope you guys are having a similarly weirdly awesome day!