Miranda Neville's Ten Ways for a Regency Bookworm Nerd to Seduce a Lady

I've mentioned before how very much I adore Miranda Neville.  She's hilarious, she writes incredible, sexy romances, and I'm consistently floored by how amazingly talented and clever and generous she is.  If you have a question, Miranda has an answer, and she's always willing to help.  In short, she's totally lovely.

I feel so lucky that she responds to my emails...and even luckier that she's here today as part of the launch month celebration of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing A Lord! I'm thrilled to celebrate Miranda's latest release (just out two weeks ago), The Dangerous Viscount here on the blog.  The hero of The Dangerous Viscount, Sebastian, is my favorite kind of Regency hero--the historical nerd. Maybe it's because I'm married to a modern-day equivalent...but that's a story for another time.  :)

Here are Miranda's Ten Ways for a Regency Bookworm Nerd to Seduce a Lady! Welcome Miranda!

The hero of The Dangerous Viscount starts out, shall we say, socially-challenged. If the book wasn’t set in 1819 he’d be called a nerd. His clothes are old-fashioned, scruffy and baggy, he wears steel-rimmed spectacles, he collects rare books, and his principal means of communication is the grunt. Once he discovers an urgent desire to please a lady, he gets cleaned up with the help of his Burgundy Club buddies. But they are Regency dudes and I figured Sebastian could use a little help from the twenty-first century.

1. Since you refuse to use a quizzing glass, may I suggest contact lenses? Or at least some frames from Ottica Veneta. 

2. If Weston cannot provide a coat without a pocket protector, Signor Armani of Milan makes a nice suit. And leave the inky quill at home. 

3. Grunting is for animals. This is a Regency, not a Shapeshifter romance. Speak in complete sentences. 

4. Do not boast about being captain of the Eton chess team. 

5. Watch Project Runway, which would be your lady’s favorite show if she had the good fortune to own a TV. (Little projection going on here) 

6. When she mentions her plan to begin a reducing diet, assure her that the loss of a single ounce would be a tragedy. Do not give her the address of the nearest Weight Watchers meeting. 

7. Expensive jewelry is always an acceptable gift. (Era-neutral advice) 

8. Be there when she needs you, whether it’s to save her from highwaymen (muggers on horseback) or find her a cab in the rain. 

9. Learn to kiss really well. 

10. When she invites you to visit her bedchamber, say yes. Don’t be late. Make it work.

LOL!  Make it Work!  Excellent advice!

And now for the contest! Who is your choice for present-day sexiest nerd? Share your answer in comments, and one lucky winner will win a copy of The Dangerous Viscount AND a TDV magnet from Miranda! We'll choose the winner on Friday! **Don't forget to share your email so we can contact you if you win!

And stay tuned all this and next month for fabulous prizes and awesome Ten Ways posts from an incredible range of authors! And don't forget to read more Authors Rule(s)!