Meg Cabot Gets Her Smexy On

It's February 1st! Which means it's the first day of Girls Who Wear Glasses Month! I am super excited to kick off this amazing celebration of bespectacled beauties, ladies in lenses, awesome astigmatics, nearsighted nellies and farsighted foxes with a newly crowned girl who wears glasses -- the amazing Meg Cabot! (Yes. That Meg Cabot. I KNOW!!! But shh. I'm trying to be cool.)


Everyone in my immediate family wears glasses. I married a man who wears glasses, whose entire family wears glasses, too. Most of our nieces and nephews now wear glasses.

It’s surprising our distant ancestors survived to produce offspring instead of getting eaten by a saber toothed tiger they couldn’t see coming.

Madam Secretary finds you specious.

I personally didn’t need glasses until the words on my computer screen began to get blurry.  Even then I only needed reading glasses, which I thought a bummer until I discovered that you can tilt them in a dramatic fashion a la Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi committee hearings and say, “Really?” in a sarcastic voice, and come off as authoritative.

The poet Dorothy Parker is famous for claiming in the early 1900s that "Men don't make passes/At girls who wear glasses" but I can assure you that this is no longer true. Now everyone seems to find people who wear glasses smart, and smart is the new sexy, or as many people are calling it these days, “smexy.”

The downside of this is that being perceived as “smexy,” or a “nerd,” has become increasingly popular, and tons of girls (and guys) are buying clear-lensed glasses they don’t need in order to look the part.  This is not smexy at all, as illustrated by this brief Nerd PSA:

Recently my vision has gotten worse, so much so that I need to wear glasses all the time. The words “contact lenses” have been mentioned to me, but as someone who is frightened to stick foreign objects in my eyes, I’m happy to keep wearing glasses, especially when there are so many other people out there proudly wearing them, and kicking butt while doing so, like Sarah’s heroine:

Napoleon Dynamite

Princess Mia in Glasses

Justin Timberlake in Glasses

So go ahead and get your smexy on, but remember to always keep it real.

One Smexy Author


No better way to kick off Girls Who Wear Glasses month than with Meg -- A terrific lady in lenses (or, as it is February 1st, should I say, A bespectacled birthday girl?)! Thank you so much for coming over to start the party, Meg...and happy happy birthday!

In honor of the release of One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, Meg’s happy to be giving away a signed copy of the latest installment of her Heather Wells mystery series, Size 12 and Ready to Rock, in stores now!

To win, tell us in comments...what kind of smart do you find most sexy? One commenter will be chosen at random on Monday.