Maya Rodale on "In Love With A Four-Eyed Girl"

Maya Rodale is cool. We started publishing at Avon around the same time, and quickly discovered that we were both New Yorkers, both interested in the academic side of romance novels, both love our dogs quite desperately. It's also worth saying that her most recent novella, Seducing the Single Lady,  is inspired by Beyonce...and so...well...that just proves she's cool.  Since then, Maya (a co-founder of New York's romance reading series Lady Jane’s Salon) and I have become of course, when I launched Girls Who Wear Glasses, I invited her to join! 

And boy did Maya have thoughts on Ladies in Lenses (despite not being one herself)...She immediately introduced me to a fabulous song about specs, and I asked her to come here today and share it with you!  

Welcome Maya!


Don’t hate me because I have perfect vision. Or because I might have tried on those reading glasses for sale in the drugstore to see if I could rock the sexy hipster librarian look without giving myself headaches in the process.  I might have done that a few times. I might be reconsidering it as I write this.

I am not a four-eyed girl, but there is a song called, um, Four-Eyed Girl by the super cute singer/songwriter Rhett Miller that makes me wish I was. It’s one of those uppity, fast, melodic alternative pop songs that you just can’t help but sing a long to. And did I mention it was sung by a very cute boy?

Lyrics sample from the chorus:


I’m in love with a four-eyed girl

I just love a good la la la chorus all about a cute boy’s love for a girl. But what I really is my memory of seeing this song live in a large theater. When Rhett hit the opening chords a bunch of girls ran up to the stage and one girl in particular stands out: She’s dancing like crazy and holding up her pair of glasses high above her head.  The song was totally for her, from a man who hearts four-eyed girls. Awww…

Have a look and listen:


I am wild about this song...and forever indebted to Maya for introducing me to it!

Your turn to talk musical inspiration, readers! Tell Maya and me which song you are most inspired by these days, and one lucky commenter (US Only), will win both a digital copy of Seducing the Single Lady and a copy of Maya's latest full-length historical, The Tattooed Duke