Louisa Edwards's Nine Rules for Seducing a Nerd With Food

I have made it no secret that there are any number of chefs on my laminated list. We've already talked about Eric Ripert, and no joke, I dreamt about Anthony Bourdain last night. Minds out of the gutter, team...it wasn't naughty (sadly). We were just hanging out, smoking Gauloises (I haven't smoked in years, but it was a dream, so it was still cool and I wasn't getting cancer).

Anyway...my obsession with chefs makes me a complete and utter sucker for the food romance. You know the ones...they're usually set in New York City or Napa, and they feature the HOTTEST chef EVER, and he cooks for the heroine, or he teaches her to cook...and it's AMAZING.

 And then came Louisa Edwards's Recipe for Love books and Oh. Em. Gee. Yes-please-are-you-kidding-me-these-guys-are-so-hawt! The books are centered around one restaurant and all the fantastic chefs and sous chefs and line cooks and waitstaff that work there...and I just HAVE to give a shout out to the fabulous secondary storyline that begins in the first book and trails through the second and third between a gorgeous weathered Brit and a young lovely waiter. You know how I feel about secondary storylines...and this one is pretty fantastic!

Anyway...I've basically been stalking Louisa since the first book in the series, Can't Stand the Heat, came out, and she finally chose to blog for me instead of getting a restraining order. I'm so so very excited to host Louisa here to celebrate the release of the third book in the series, Just One Taste...she's sharing her Nine Rules... and trust me...as someone who is married to a nerd who is a foodie...these will come in handy.

Louisa's also giving away signed copies of all three books in the Recipe for Love series! Contest info at the end of the post! Welcome, Louisa!

In my third Recipe for Love novel, the recently released JUST ONE TASTE, my ex-con-artist-turned-chef hero, Wes Murphy, is determined to romance his shy genius of a food chemistry professor, Dr. Rosemary Wilkins.

And he knows just how to capture her interest—with a phony research project about culinary aphrodisiacs! But pretty soon, the very real chemistry between Wes and Rosemary forces him to come up with a new plan.

To help Wes out, here are…

Nine Rules for Seducing a Nerd with Food

1. Start with the classics! Oysters are the most famous aphrodisiacs for a reason. For several reasons, actually—for more details, ask your nerd.

2. Be sensitive to food allergies – both real, and imagined. Not everyone can eat shellfish! And some people are just squicked out by it.

3. Challenge your nerd’s taste buds to boldly go where they’ve never gone before! “Nerdy” is just another word for “intellectually curious,” after all.

4. You don’t need a PhD to enjoy fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate—but it won’t be a hindrance, either. Chocolate + strawberries = WIN!

5. Follow up the strawberries and chocolate with a kiss. Don’t be nervous! Nerds know all about desire—in fact, they can tell you which hormones cause sexual arousal, and everything that happens in the human body during an orgasm! What, that’s not sexy to you? Then stop trying to seduce a nerd!

6. If the kiss goes well (don’t worry, your nerd won’t keep you in suspense), move directly into foreplay. Note to self: if you’re in the food chemistry lab, be sure to lock the door before you start removing chef’s jackets and lab coats!

7. If for any reason you’re interrupted before the seduction can be successfully completed, don’t give up. Once your nerd has committed to a course of inquiry, nothing will be allowed to derail the research. Nothing can stand in the way of scientific discovery! Including the very scientific discovery of exactly what your sexy nerd looks like under that Chewbacca t-shirt . . .

8. Once the seduction reaches its gloriously hot, surprisingly tender conclusion—what next? You may encounter opposition to continuing the affair . . . whatever happens, don’t try to be noble and save your nerd’s career by leaving without a word!

9. Okay, if you were dumb enough to ignore Rule #8, be prepared for your nerd to track you down at your trendy Manhattan restaurant job and demand your help finishing the aphrodisiac research! (See Rule #7 about scientific discovery—and also, there’s the little issue of a fluffy white dog, some secrets you’ve been keeping, that undying torch you’ve been carrying ever since you left your nerd, and some serious unfinished business between the two of you . . .)

Contest time!  Share your own secret for food-based seduction, and we'll choose one lucky winner on Sunday to receive a signed set of Louisa's Recipe for Love books! Don't forget to leave your email address, so we can reach you!

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