Linda Francis Lee on Diane Keaton

Emily and Einstein I'm so lucky to have such great friends in the writing world...including the tremendously talented Linda Francis Lee, bestselling author of The Sexy Trilogy and Emily & Einstein: A Novel of Second Chances...who just so happens to be a girl who loves glasses herself!

Linda is filled with good conversation and always up for a night of chatting about romance over dinner and a glass of wine, and I'm so happy she's joined us for Girls Who Wear Glasses Month -- a transcript of our chat below!


Sarah: Ok, so we can all agree that girls who wear glasses are the most fun...what makes them so fabulous? 

Linda: What's not to love about a woman who wears glasses unapologetically? I was intrigued by One Good Earl Deserves a Lover the minute I saw the gold-rimmed spectacles on the cover. I fell in love with the book the minute I met the heroine who wears them. Wonder Woman, Debbie Harry, Sophie Loren . . . the list is long. And Lady Philippa wears hers unapologetically, and goes after what she wants.

Sarah: I'm so happy that you enjoyed Earl! You're so sweet! So...who is your favorite lady in lenses?

Linda: Diane Keaton. I love that despite all the apologetic characters she frequently plays, she appears to live her life without a thought for never marrying, having kids at fifty, for wearing white turtlenecks and fabulous hats!

Sarah: She's a big favorite with everyone here on the blog...including me!

I love the way she laughs and puts people at ease. I think one of the greatest gifts anyone can give is to make people feel welcome. On top of that, she doesn't seem to be afraid to live a unique life.

Sarah: Absolutely--there's something totally refreshing about her honesty.

Linda: Yes! From Diane, we can all learn to give ourselves over to our craft and not worry about where it will take us. And when it takes us to a place that we might not have anticipated (50 and not married and no children), to be brave enough to create a new dream and go for that rather than sit around regretting what didn't happen.

Sarah: So...imagine you're having dinner with Diane...what would you ask her?

Linda: I'd ask her, "What is the source of your courage to live your life outside of the box?" Or, perhaps more importantly, "Does it feel like courage is what fuels you, or is it that you just do what you need to do without thinking?" Or maybe the best question of all is, "Where do you get all your fabulous hats?!"

Sarah: Ha! That's a great question. And definitely the most important. Thank you so much for joining us! 


Your turn! If you could dine with any lady in history, who would it be...and what would you ask? Share in comments for a chance to win Linda's Emily & EinsteinWe'll choose one winner on Monday (US Only)!