Lauren Willig on Girls Who *Should* Wear Glasses

Garden Intrigue Paperback Ok. We all know that I'm all for Girls Who Wear Glasses. I wear them, Pippa wears them in One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, and Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton and Tina Fey wear them.

But, of course, it's 2013. And we all went to high school. Which means...some girls who should wear glasses don't want to. And so...they wear contacts. To tackle this important subgenre of ladies in lenses, I went to an expert. My dear friend Lauren Willig, author of the amazing Pink Carnation series:


We’ve neglected an important category here: girls who pretend they don’t wear glasses.

I was one of those for most of Middle School, which meant I spent a lot of time blundering into and over things.  (Ouch!  Who left that backpack in the middle of the hallway?)  Of course, it didn’t help that I had accidentally broken off one of the earpieces of my glasses.  Rather than tell my parents, I did what any sensible adolescent would do: I spent the rest of the year in class holding up the glasses to my face by one earpiece, like a dowager with a lorgnette.

All I can say is, thank goodness for contact lenses.

Don’t pretend I’m the only one.  I strongly suspect that my heroine Emma Delagardie, of The Garden Intrigue, is a secret glasses wearer.

In public, she’s a social butterfly, never without a ready quip or a glass of champagne in her hand.  In private, however, she’s a nerd manqué.  She might pretend that she only studied up on engineering and drainage techniques as a means of affecting a reconciliation with her late husband, but the fact that she’s still at it, five years after his death, strongly suggests to me that our Emma is studying engineering because… she enjoys it.  Of course, when Robert Fulton (yes, that Robert Fulton, who’s also hanging around Napoleon’s court, inventing steamboats and other interesting things) praises her skills and thanks her for her helpful and insightful suggestions,

Emma pretends it’s all nothing.  But we know better.

Just like we know she secretly wears glasses.


So much fun! So, here's the part where we get to honor those ladies who don't wear glasses (after all, anyone could wear contacts!) 

Head over to the comment section and tell Lauren and me about the woman you admire most. Bespectacled or not, and one winner will receive a copy of The Garden Intrigue! (US Only)