Kieran Kramer on Girls Who Wear Glasses -- Aunt Polly

Today, I'm so excited to continue Girls Who Wear Glasses Month with the fabulous Kieran Kramer -- a friend and funny funny lady. I've loved Kieran's books since I heard the title of  her debut, When Harry Met Molly. I mean, who can't get behind a Nora Ephron (another GWWG!) reference?  I knew Kieran would come up with an awesome lady in lenses...and I was right. Aunt Polly from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an unexpected and perfect choice! Take it away, KK! 


auntpollyAunt Polly in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is my favorite Girl Who Wears Glasses in literature.

I loved her long before I was a mom myself—she’s hilarious, quite frankly. Almost everything she says makes me laugh out loud. I revel in Mark Twain’s genius in creating her—a secondary character who is both comic and noble.

She’s noble because she loves Tom to pieces. And she refuses to forget her duty to him as his guardian and mother figure, even though Tom gives her a run-around that would wear out even the most stalwart, wise, and experienced of mothers.

And she’s comic because she’s not nearly as clever as Tom is.  Obsessed with cure-alls and of a generally superstitious nature, she believes the craziest things. But she means well.

She always does.

I think Aunt Polly touches my heart because I am she…as are all mothers who love their children. To one degree or another, we’re a ruthless combination of savage love and inconsolable confusion: these people we’re mentoring refuse to be us. They insist on being themselves. And dammit if it isn’t the most frustrating, glorious job in the world to watch them lurch, twirl, careen, and soar toward being who they’re meant to be!

Thanks, Aunt Polly, for showing us that mistakes can be made in mothering, and it’s all right.  If love’s there, every child—even rebellious wanderers like Huck and Tom—will thrive. And your example, bumbling and misguided as it is sometimes, gives us hope that love will always lure our children home.


The Earl is MineI love this piece so really captures the value of maternal affection in literature -- something that is all too often missing!

Thanks to Kieran for joining us in the crazed lead up to her new release -- The Earl is Mine (out February 26th! Don't forget to preorder!), which I'm so looking forward to -- I'm a sucker for hot earls (in fact, I've got one out this month!). honor of Aunt Polly and mothering in literature...who is your favorite mother (or maternal figure) in pop culture? Share in comments for a chance to win Loving Lady Marcia -- the first in her House of Brady series!