Kerrelyn Sparks's 9 Perfect Presents for Vampire Sweethearts!

I am SUPER jazzed that  Kerrelyn Sparks has joined me this week to offer up her Nine Perfect Presents to Give Your Vampire Sweetheart as part of my launch month for Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake! Kerrelyn's The Vampire and the Virgin--a continuation of her Love at Stake series--releases this week! Kerrelyn has offered up a signed copy of Forbidden Nights with a win, comment below with your favorite fictional vampire (winner announced on Thursday)!

I should warn you, when I first got this list, I couldn't stop laughing.  It's the perfect example of how hilariously entertaining Kerrelyn's books are...Here we go!

Nine Perfect Presents to Give Your Vampire Sweetheart!

  1. A roll of Vampos, the after-dinner mint that gets rid of blood breath.
  2. A dozen blood-red roses.
  3. A designer label black tuxedo and cape lined with red satin.
  4. A king-sized coffin with room for two.
  5. A flat screen television with a subscription to the Digital Vampire Network.
  6. A sunlamp so he won’t look quite so pale.
  7. A year supply of Bleer (synthetic blood mixed with beer).
  8. A hot dinner date with you as the entrée.
  9. Sex, sex, and more sex!  A good Vamp can last all night long!

The Vampire and the Virgin releases March 9th!  Can you guess the perfect present the heroine gives her vampire?   To read an excerpt or enter one of Kerrelyn's own contests, please visit!

And stay tuned for the rest of the month--and a dozen more Authors Rule(s) posts from an awesome range of authors! To read more of Authors Rule(s), please click here!

ETA: Thanks to everyone who entered the contest...and to Kerrelyn for stopping by again!  The winner is Debbie Kelly!