Katharine Ashe on Literal Girls Who Wear Glasses

I'm thrilled to host the fabulous Katharine Ashe today on the blog. As you know, Katharine and I are co-bloggers over at The Ballroom Blog -- Do you read that? You should. It's Regency fun. -- and aside from writing epic Regencies, she is a lady in lenses. Very. Cool. Lenses (see left). 

So, when I decided to launch Girls Who Wear Glasses month in honor of Pippa Marbury, the heroine of One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, I knew Katharine was going to have to weigh in on spectacles. I knew she'd have lots to say, and a definite favorite girl who wears glasses. 

Boy, do I love this post! 


I know a little girl of 5 and ¾ years. Let’s call her Rosella. (It’s her favorite name that isn’t her own, though Minnie would do nearly as well.)

She is my favorite GWWG.


1. She happily, proudly wears a princess dress her aunt made for her that is emblazoned with Cinderella, Briar Rose and Belle. When asked which princess she likes best, she points to each in a row, then again, then again. She is not a girl to be pinned down to one ideal of femininity. Then she adds that she’s rather fond of Rapunzel too — Disney’s latest version. (A girl after my own heart, indeed.)

2. Rosella wears her princess dress into the creek behind the house, and traipses home without any notion that it’s covered with mud and rusty leaves.

3. She adores my ten-year-old son like a brother, a mentor, a playmate and a best friend. And he adores her right back.

4. She eats Parmesan cheese in giant chunks.

5. She pairs purple leggings with pink-and-orange-striped dresses and paisley skirts with polka-dot blouses. Her rainbow Build-A-Bear sparkles with lamé and sequins. Her world is full of color, life and joy.

6. She loves bubbles.

7. She sits barefoot on the kitchen counter eating potato chips.

8. When the doctor said, “Time for glasses!” she picked out the thickest, purplest, swirliest frames in the store. She wears them with pride, panache and thorough unselfconsciousness.

When I grow up, I want to be just like her.


Me too!!!

Your turn, reader! Tell Katharine and me what one trait you'd like to borrow from a kid in your life, and one lucky commenter (US Only), will win a copy of Katharine's How to Be a Proper Lady -- one of Amazon's best books of 2012!