Jackson Pearce's Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack

I'm thrilled to host the fabulous Jackson Pearce today on the blog...when she agreed to celebrate the pending release of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing A Lord by sharing her own Ten Ways from Sisters Red, I was so excited! Jackson is hilarious, brilliant and the reason for the 2009 Debutantes...and she has written an incredible reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood.  Like. Incredible.  It totes lives up to that fabulous cover.

Jackson has kindly agreed to come on the blog and do an important public service for all of us.  We live in dangerous times.  Dangerous, frightening times in which werewolf attacks are a clear and present danger. It is October, after all. So...in preparation for your autumnal walks through dark and quiet wooded areas, I present Jackson's:

Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack

1. Don't get attacked. I know, I know, it sounds stupid, but all I'm saying is: If the hot guy asking you to dance smells like a dog and is licking his lips, maybe sit this one out?

2. Know his weak spots. Don't be afraid to gouge some eyes or cut at that soft spot on the throat. And all I'm saying is-- a swift kick to the crotch hurts werewolves just as much as it hurts frat guys.

3. Be aware. The element of surprise is priceless to predators-- you know how lions creep up on their prey? Guess what? You're the prey. Don't give the predator the chance to sneak up on you.

4. Choose your partners wisely. Your odds of surviving a werewolf attack are greatly improved if you've got help. Choose allies who aren't going to run like little girls when the werewolf snarls. Well...unless you want them to run like little girls, draw the monster away from you, and be eaten...

5. Carry weapons. You'll never make it past airport security, but at least you won't have to go mano-a-mano with an animal three times your size. I advise going with knives/blades/axes, because you don't have to stop and reload them.

6. Grow a pair. These are werewolves, not kittens. Once they've singled you out, you're gonna have to fight to survive. Man up and start swinging.

7. Embrace the blood. There's gonna be a lot of it. But this isn't the Red Cross, you won't be offered a Nutter Butter after the melee is through. Power through your squeamishness or die.

8. Trust your allies. If you've assembled a crack team of werewolf killers, don't try to babysit them through the fight. Let them do their thing, and you do yours.

9. Don't run. Predators love it when you run. That's half the pleasure for them.

10. Forget sexy. You know how in movies, the heroine is always mega hot and wearing something skin-revealing while she kills things? This isn't the movies. Your t-shirt will do just fine. Besides, it'll absorb more of that blood we mentioned earlier.

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