In Which Tessa Dare Postpones Her Guest Blog...

I'm so so thrilled to host the fabulous Tessa Dare on the blog today!!! I'm a huge fan of hers, and I absolutely cannot wait for the launch of her Spindle Cove series...beginning in September with A NIGHT TO SURRENDER (out in September!)! As an aside, Tessa's also just plain awesome, and so I'm always happy to have her here! I had originally asked her to do Eleven Questions, but the mega creative brain that is Ms. Dare resisted the assignment...and turned it into something even better.

So, without further blathering...I present, Tessa Dare's Eleven Scandals to Start When Postponing a Guest Blog (and other titles that don’t rhyme)

I feel sooo scandalous. I was supposed to write this blog for Sarah weeks ago. How did it come to this?

Scandal One: Procrastination. Yeah, I procrastinate. A lot. Sometimes several times a day. Especially when it comes to blogs. I have updated my own blog about… 6.5 times in the past year. I have no excuse.

Scandal Two: Overconfidence. But when our lovely and talented hostess Sarah kindly asked me to come guest blog in April, I excitedly said YES! Even though I secretly know I have this procrastination issue. (see confession the first.) I am always filled with good intentions!

Scandal Three: Indecision. So unsuspecting Sarah sent me this fun list of eleven questions for the blog, and I promptly seized up with paralysis. Because they were all CHOICES. “Alpha or beta?” “Small town or big city?” Picture me weeping, wanting to just answer “Um..Er…Both, depending…I think!” to just about every one. (Unless one of the options is Darcy. Darcy wins everything. Q: Darcy or Wentworth? A: Darcy. Q: Darcy or chocolate? A: Darcy. Q: Darcy or…a brand new barouche!? A: Give me door number one, Monty.)

Scandal Four: Inherent suspicion of favorites. This is a side note, really. But in my strange mind, I’m convinced any question resembling “What is your favorite ____?” is just sticky with the devil’s fingerprints. Why must I choose? No really, why??? I think I fear karmic backlash. Like, if I declare to the internet that my favorite meal is sushi and coconut milk, I’ll find myself shipwrecked on a desert island next week. “Good news! You get your favorite meal EVERY DAY!” (I am, however, willing to risk being shipwrecked with Darcy. See point four.)

Scandal Five: Forgetfulness. It’s really cool how this trick works. It’s almost effortless. If you’ve procrastinated in the proper way, diligently, after just a few weeks—poof! You suddenly just forget! It’s almost like you never agreed to do it! Except…

Scandal Six: Contrition. I did agree to do it. And when Sarah wrote to gently remind me, I of course profusely apologized for my lameness. But then I only made matters worse with…

Scandal Seven: Prevarication. In my repentance, I may have offered to do a special blog giveaway—of a puppy, or a kidney. I must confess, I had no real intention of giving away either. Oh, the shame is piling deep…

Scandal Eight: More Procrastination. I waited yet a few more days…

Scandal Nine: Lust. And then last night, when I thought to myself, “I should sit down and write that blog for Sarah now.” I realized it was after midnight, and therefore zomg! release day, and I decided to download Eleven Scandals first. Because by now, after hearing from what seemed like everyone else on the planet how wonderful it is, I was practically drooling for it. Could. Not. Wait.

Scandal Ten: Greed. And you can guess what I did next. Read.

Scandal Eleven: There isn’t one, because I’m still reading. And I’m up to the point where they’ve made out in the park, and SHHHHH. Nobody better talk to me.

Except that I’m sure Sarah will post this long after I’ve finished, so now we can talk! Wasn’t it GREAT??

And I will give away…. Um, a book and coverflat? They are way prettier than a kidney! And come perfectly housetrained.

Seriously, thank you, Sarah, for the invitation and your extreme patience. And congratulations on such a wonderful, romantic book.

I think all I’m missing now is a conversation topic. I know!

Simon v. Darcy. Discuss! Who is the starchiest at the outset? The best groveler in the end? (um, since I haven’t read the end yet, I’m just assuming on Simon’s part here…) Who would win in a cage match? Who would look better spear-fishing on a desert island?

Oh, boy am I afraid of *this* topic. But, it's guests discuss! We'll choose one commenter on Monday to win a copy of One Dance With a Duke and the STUNNING STUNNING cover flat of A NIGHT TO SURRENDER!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Tessa's also giving up a precious ARC of A NIGHT TO SURRENDER!

Thanks for coming over to play, Tessa! xoxo