Gaelen Foley's Nine Rules for Heroines Pursued By Wicked English Lords

Allow me a quick trip down memory 1998--I was visiting my sister in her super cool apartment in Boston, and she handed me a book that would start a decade long pre-ordering obsession.  The book was Gaelen Foley's The Pirate Prince. Since that fabulous beginning, Gaelen has become one of my must buys...and OMG...

Imagine my squeeing when Gaelen agreed to write her own Nine Rules for my celebration of Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake. No. It's best if you don't imagine it. Suffice to say, there was much squeeing.  Even better, Gaelen's Nine Rules take the role of a worldly-wise instructor at a proper Regency girl’s school--and they prove precisely why she should be on every romance lover's must read list.  I dare you to read them and not fall in love!

Nine Rules for Heroines Pursued By Wicked English Lords
(Because you just never know when you might need this information.)

My dear young ladies, as your devoted governess, I have always made it my highest duty to arm you against the perils of the wicked world beyond the walls of our fair school. Yoo-hoo, in the back row! Do try to pay attention, gels, for mark my words, as soon as you say, “Oh, that could never happen to me,” that is the very day this alarming situation is sure to befall you. As romance heroines, we must always Be Prepared for any eventuality. Now then, to today’s lesson.

What to do if a libertine marquess—who also happens to be a spy for the Crown—should take it into his head that you are the woman he’s going to marry.

Whether you like it or not.

1. Don’t Panic. Just ignore him (for as long as possible). The mere fact that the marquess in question has several generations of fox-hunting ancestors does not necessarily mean he will become fixated on you, as if you were his quarry. He must lose interest eventually. (They always do, whilst thinking from their inexpressibles.) See, if you look closely, his slow, lazy smile will betray his true intentions—and you are most certainly not that kind of girl.

2. Refuse to smile back. He has, after all, the most dreadful reputation. You wouldn’t want to encourage him. Think of the scandal!

3. With caution, you may thank him if he should happen to rescue you from menacing brigands while you’re about your charity work amongst the poor, but that does not mean you owe him anything. A true gentleman never acts out of ulterior motives. (I said a gentleman.)

4. Whatever you do, do not promise him a dance. Give him an inch, he’ll take a mile.

5. All right, all right, perhaps one dance—as long as it’s not the waltz. But under no circumstances agree to a drive in Hyde Park in his curricle. You could end up somewhere entirely unexpected. Somewhere beautiful—but quite out of bounds.

6. Now then, it is true that English lords don’t take rejection very well, and marquesses may be the stubbornest rank in the peerage. Therefore, if your marquess should lose all patience with your reluctance and go over your head to your father, whereupon you are ordered to marry him, then the only course is to prevail upon his honor to at least delay the wedding until you know each other better. Having lulled him into a state of security--

7. Run away. Far, far away.

8. Say your prayers if he hunts you down. Heaven only knows what might happen if his icy self-control were to slip once he gets his hands on you . . .

9. If all else fails and it is no longer possible to resist his intoxicating kisses, at least make him tell you why, out of all the possible brides on the earth, he has chased you so hard. But be warned, his answer might melt away any further thoughts of escaping him, and you, dear heroine, might find yourself well and truly caught.

To learn more about the prudent care and management of marquesses, be sure and read My Wicked Marquess by the fabulous, NYT Bestselling author, Gaelen Foley. And don’t miss our next lesson: What To Do If You Are Kidnapped by Cutthroats, Drugged, and Given As A Gift to a Fearsome Warrior Duke. (Read My Dangerous Duke, coming in July!)

And Gaelen has offered up a signed copy of a UK edition of My Wicked Marquess to one lucky commenter!  Comment below with an author who has been on your "must buy" list for years...and keeps delivering. I'm super excited for this list...and sure to get some new authors on my list! One person will be chosen at random on Friday. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you!

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