Eleven Questions with Vanessa Kelly

I'm so happy to host my twitter buddy Vanessa Kelly as part of the release month celebration of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart! I'm loving the fabulous answers that other authors are sharing as part of the Eleven Questions series, and Vanessa's are no different! She's taken some time out of her busy schedule talking about her latest release-- My Favorite Countess --to get in the hot seat! Welcome, Vanessa!

1. Alpha or Beta? Alpha all the way, sister. I love a man who growls when he's making love. Rowr!

2. Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? Oh, I think I'm going to have to go with Virgin Widow. Much easier than Secret Baby in the Regency era. My Favorite Countess has a Secret Sister and that was hard enough to pull off. A Secret Baby might make my head explode.

3. Time Travel or Futuristic? I'm a sucker for a good Futuristic. Must be all those years I spent watching Star Trek Generations and lusting after Jean Luc Picard. Plus, I want my own space ship.

4. Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice Can't I have both? *whine* Okay, I think Cold as Ice. That kind of guy falls really, really hard. Good things happen to the heroine when he does.

5. Spinster or First Season Out? Definitely Spinster. She's been watching from the sidelines for way too long, and she knows exactly what she wants.

6. England or Anywhere but? England. I guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist, but I gave my heart to Mayfair long ago.

7. Vampire or Shape Shifter Vampire. Fangs and eternal life are already enough of a challenge for any gal to deal with.

8. Small Town or Big City Definitely Big City. Don't want those nosy neighbors snooping around in my sex life! Plus, there are more food choices in the Big City.

9. Wallflower or Belle of the Ball Wallflower. She sees all. She knows all.

10. Unrequited Love or Love At First Sight I'm a sucker for Love At First Sight, although my last book, Sex And The Single Earl, had an Unrequited Love theme. I felt so bad for my heroine - who had been suffering from Unrequited Love for years - that I really had to punish the hero.

11. Vanessa's Choice! Answer her question in comments for a chance to win a copy of My Favorite Countess! The heroine of My Favorite Countess has a bit of, ahem, a past. Okay, she's really kind of a bad girl, although I swear to you that she reforms. Eventually. I've always been intrigued by the idea of reforming the bad girl, but I love the virgin heroine, too. So, readers, which kind of heroine do you prefer? Virgin or Experienced Woman With a Past?

Oooh...I love this question! What do you guys think? Leave your answer in comments, and we'll choose a winner on Tuesday for a copy of Vanessa's My Favorite Countess! And check back all month long for more authors answering Eleven Questions!!