Eleven Questions with Maya Rodale!

Maya Rodale is awesome. Sure, she's a romance novelist who writes Regencies (I mean, that alone puts her in the awesome category), but she also shares fabulous, fascinating tidbits on Regency locales like White's on her super fun blog, and she's one of the co-founders of one of my very very favorite places in the world, Lady Jane's Salon. Aside: Planning a trip to New York, try to make it straddle the first Monday of the month...and do not miss Lady Jane's--the only romance reading series in NYC. In town for RWA? There's one scheduled for the Monday of RWA week (I'm reading from Eleven Scandals there!)...and these things are not to be missed.

But back to Maya. She's fab. And, she's my pub sister. We're both Avon ladies, and we both have new books out this month! Maya's latest, A Tale of Two Lovers is on shelves now! As part of her release month festivities, she's agreed to hop into the hot seat to answer Eleven Questions!

Welcome, Maya!

1) Alpha or Beta? Absolutely alpha. Oh, and not just me, ha--For the hero, too! And the heroine. A Tale Of Two Lovers features an alpha heroine. I have no idea where she gets it from.

2) Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? Secret baby. My favorite secret baby story: Loretta Chase's Not Quite A Lady. I have also written a secret baby book, but I shall not say which one.

3) Time Travel or Futuristic? Time travel, as long as we skip over junior high.

4) Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice? Hot as sin, as I'm betting that will involve more nudity.

5) Spinster or First Season Out? Spinster on her first season out!

6) England or Anywhere but? My husband is English so I must answer with England, or else he will not reach things on high shelves for me and then I won't be able to access my handbags or champagne glasses. Horrors!

7) Vampire or Shape Shifter? Lud, I am a regency gal! I have no idea what those things are, so I will choose option c) Rakes.

8) Small town or Big city? I'm a small town girl living in a big city and working part-time on a farm. I love it all. My Writing Girl books are all set in London--though you might not guess from the green--and absolutely stunningly gorgeous--cover of A Tale Of Two Lovers.

9) Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower. When no one is paying attention to you, there are many more opportunities for all sorts of trouble.

10) Unrequited love or love at first sight? Unrequited love, to put it politely, sucks. Love at first sight--now that I like. Hey Mr. DJ, please start the Kylie Minogue song here.

11) Maya's choice! Answer her question in comments for a chance to win a copy of both A Groom of One's Own and A Tale of Two Lovers! Marriage of convenience or secret elopement?!

EXCELLENT question, Maya...tropes are the best, aren't they? So go ahead, readers! Comment below with your choice and we'll choose one winner on Friday to receive copies of both of Maya's books!