Eleven Questions with Katharine Ashe!

It's a big day here on the blog...not only is it the first full day of our redesign, but it's also the launch of release-month excitement for Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart! Throughout the month, I'll be hosting a group of my favorite authors, both YA and romance...and they'll be sharing their own lists of eleven! Today, the wonderful Katharine Ashe is in the hot seat, answering Eleven Questions for romance lovers! Katharine's most recent book, Captured by a Rogue Lord, was released last week, and is on shelves now...and I have to say, Katharine has brought back the pirate romance with swashbuckling flair! If you're a pirate fan, you absolutely won't want to miss her Rogues of the Sea series!

Let's get started!

1. Alpha or Beta? Alpha, yet understated. Elegant, intelligent, urbane, he charms with little effort and threatens with barely a word. He needn’t shout his power and authority; they are understood. Strong men respect him, weak men fear him, and ladies cast their garters at his feet (not usually in public, although there have been occasions…). Rumor has it that he is not the indolent town rake he appears, but quite another sort of man altogether—a dangerous man, and deadly. If rumor is referring to Lord Alex Savege, aka the pirate Redstone in CAPTURED BY A ROGUE LORD, rumor is most assuredly right.

2. Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? That depends upon what sort of virgin, precisely. After all, a lady may no longer possess her innocence yet still be quite innocent of the intimate pleasures to be enjoyed in a truly worthy gentleman’s company.

3. Time Travel or Futuristic? Throw a modern woman into the past without cell phone, laptop, lipstick, or debit card, then confront her with a gorgeous, shamelessly virile male bearing a sword and mounted on a blooded horse… Ideal.

4. Spinster or First Season Out? I admire the vivacity and confidence of a feisty young miss recently introduced into society. But the measured maturity of a lady who has seen a bit more of life—and perhaps suffered a little from it—takes all my sympathy. For beneath that levelheadedness may lie a heart longing to love and to be loved (that is, in a literal sense, if you understand my meaning). So it is with proper, mature, entirely on-the-shelf Miss Serena Carlyle. Years ago she gave her virtue to a nasty man she thought she loved and ever since has not quite regretted it as much as she probably ought. In fact—let’s be honest—she hasn’t regretted it at all. Instead, in her dreams she wishes for a not-so-nasty man to come along this time so she can do it again. And again. And hopefully again.

5. Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice? The hotter and more sinful the man, the harder and more delectable the fall. When Alex and Serena first encounter one another in a dark parlor during a ball, the sin they commit sends them both falling quite hard, indeed.

6. England or Anywhere but? Who can resist a London fete, a drive along the Serpentine, or a house party at a grand country estate? But the adventure and thrill of the wide-open sea calls. A gentleman, even a lady, must on occasion heed that call.

7. Vampire or Shape Shifter? Can he shift into a Hugh Jackman shape and a Colin Firth shape? ’Cause then I’d have to go with shape shifter.

8. Small town or Big city? In the big city a lady can enjoy the pleasure of encountering a gentleman in a dark alley in the middle of the night yet still feel safe as kittens with her coachman waiting right there on the corner. But back home in her village in the countryside, encountering that very same gentleman on a deserted pathway might be… shall we say?... quite a bit less than safe. Delectably so!

9. Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Gossip column in a London newspaper, June 1816: “Wallflower meets rakish earl and swiftly becomes his own private Belle of the Ball.”

10. Unrequited love or love at first sight? Love at first sight, which in the case of Alex and Serena happens after love at first kiss. (Darkened parlors do tend to put things at sixes and sevens. And speaking of…)

11. Katharine's Choice! Answer below for a chance to win a copy of Captured By a Rogue Lord! Curricle race or a hand of whist?

I think "love at first kiss," is the best one at all, don't you? Thanks so much for coming over, Katharine!

What a fun round of Eleven Questions! Leave your comment below to win Captured By a Rogue Lord...we'll choose one lucky commenter on Wednesday. Now that I'm using Wordpress, no need to leave your email publicly--I will get it on the back end! Huzzah for technology!

And be sure to stop back all month long to see what other authors think...and to share your own answers!