Eleven Questions with Elisabeth Naughton!

I'm so happy to host Elisabeth Naughton as part of the release month celebration of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart! Elisabeth writes sexy romantic adventures and the smokin' hot Eternal Guardians series...and she's taken time out of her promotion of her latest--Bodyguards in Bed--to climb into the hot seat to answer Eleven Questions! Welcome, Elisabeth!

1. Alpha or Beta? Alpha, all the way. I’m married to one, so it’s what I know (and love).

2. Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? Secret baby. There’s something about that big old secret. Though I’m curious…is a virgin widow even possible? (Okay, I know it’s possible…I guess a better question is whether or not it’s believable.)

3. Time Travel or Futuristic? Time travel. I’m fascinated with history.

4. Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice? Hot as sin. I hate being cold!

5. Spinster or First Season Out? Hm…I like both. But I’d probably have to go for Spinster. The girl who’s been overlooked and then is finally noticed? Compelling.

6. England or Anywhere but? Since I live in the PNW, and England’s weather tends to be like ours, I’d have to say…anywhere but.

7. Vampire or Shape Shifter? Mm…now this is hard. I like both. But I’ll go with shape shifter (since I’m writing one right now).

8. Small Town or Big City? I lean toward the small town. Lends itself to quirky characters.

9. Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower…for the same reason I like the Spinster.

10. Unrequited love or love at first sight? Love at first site. Bam. Leaves the hero wondering…what the hell?

11. Elisabeth's choice! Answer her question in comments, and one lucky winner will receive a copy of her latest, Bodyguards in Bed! What’s your favorite bodyguard story (in any genre)?

Share your favorite bodyguard story in comments...and we'll choose one winner on Friday to win a signed copy of Bodyguards in Bed!