Eleven Questions with Bella Andre!

It is no secret that I love Bella Andre. I mean, I *really* love Bella Andre. Her books are hotter than hot...her men are alpha's to the core, and she is *so* *SO* cool. Like, way cooler than me. Like, way *WAY* cooler than me. But she answers my emails, so that ups my cool quotient by a factor of 23 or something, I'm thinking.
Anywho...when I came up with the idea for Eleven Questions, I knew I *had* to ask Bella...and I'm so so happy I did, even though it appears that some of these questions were not at all difficult for her (like number 1!). So...

1) Alpha or Beta?
Seriously? Are you really asking *me* this?

2) Virgin Widow or Secret Baby?
Ooohh. Virgin Widow. By a hair.

3) Time Travel or Futuristic?
Time Travel

4) Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice?
Well considering one of my books is called Hot As Sin, I'll have to go with that. :)

5) Spinster or First Season Out?
Depends. Who doesn't love a good ward/guardian story? Then again, the spinster finding emotional/sensual awakening is always fun.

6) England or Anywhere but?
Cotswolds, please!

7) Vampire or Shape Shifter?
Uh....can I go back to my answer for question number 1: Hot ALPHA guy.

8) Small town or Big city?
Small town.

9) Wallflower or Belle of the Ball?
Wallflower. I always loved those librarian stories. Super smart girl meets super hot guy!

10) Unrequited love or love at first sight?
Both are yummy. What about love at first sight that became unrequited? :)

11) Bella's choice! Answer Bella's questions in comments by Friday for a chance to win an e-copy of the bestselling (and AWESOME) third book in her Bad Boys of Football series--Game for Love.
Super-sexy or super-sweet?

For the record, I love Game for Love...I am such a sucker for books where the hero and heroine have to fake being in love for the good of the world around them...and it is a SCORCHER! You won't be disappointed! And if you've never read anything by Bella, may I recommend Take Me? And it's sequel, Love Me? One word: Hot twins. Ok, two words. I was distracted by remembering the hot twins, and thus found it difficult to count.

Don't forget to come back all month for more Eleven Questions posts...and set your watches! Only eight more days until Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart!