Eleven Questions with Anne Mallory!

I do not hide the fact that I think Anne Mallory's books are fabulous. I've been reading Anne's books for as long as she's been writing them, and I adore them. I think she writes the *journey* of love better than most of us, and there's nothing so satisfying as getting to the end of one of her books...because you just know that the hero and the heroine have earned their happily ever after. When I read her most recent release, One Night Is Never Enough, I immediately emailed her to tell her how much I loved it...and begged her to come do an Eleven Questions with me to celebrate the launch of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart. She was kind enough to reply to my email...and to agree, instead of simply asking me to stop being her crazy stalker fan.

So...here she is! Welcome, Anne!

1) Alpha or Beta? Alpha! I love a mix, but Alphas are glorious in fiction.

2) Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? Even if I only read one a year, there is nothing quite so tension provoking as a secret baby storyline. A character keeping such a big secret always makes me tense, and I tend to wildly flip the pages until I get to the reveal!

3) Time Travel or Futuristic? Futuristic! I want to dream about porting from place to place in under 3 seconds!

4) Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice? Cold as Ice that really hides Hot as Sin. ;)

5) Spinster or First Season Out? Spinster! Spinster! I enjoy reading about the excitement of a debut, but spinsters tend to have a heady character mix of capability and vulnerability that rocks.

6) England or Anywhere but? England!

7) Vampire or Shape Shifter? Can I get my very own David Bowie owl? Shape Shifter!

8) Small town or Big city? Small towns get all the love, so I'm spreading it -- Big city!

9) Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? The Wallflower dreaming of being the Belle of the Ball. :)

10) Unrequited love or love at first sight? So hard to choose! There is nothing like the wonderful agony of an unrequited love (especially when you know the character will eventually get his/her prize!)...but nothing can beat the thrill of love at first sight. How about...Unrequited love at first sight! :D

11) Anne's choice! Answer her question in comments, and one lucky winner will receive a copy of One Night is Never Enough! Titled Lord/Prince or Powerful Working Man?

Ooh...I love this question! I gotta say, there's something pretty sizzling in both of those men! Can't wait to read your answers in comments! We'll choose a winner on Monday to win Anne's latest!