Eleven Questions for Kris Kennedy!

I'm excited to have Kris Kennedy hanging out on the blog today to talk about Virgin Widows, Alpha males and other Romancey-type things in celebration of both the launch (last week!) of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart and Kris's Defiant! Kris is an award-winning writer of medieval romances (yay!) with sexy stories and incredibly good looking heroes, and she has agreed to take her turn at answering Eleven Questions despite her busy writing schedule!

Welcome, Kris!

1. Alpha or Beta? Gah—that’s hard! I love them both. I like alphas who are real alphas, i.e. They lead because others follow, not by pounding others into the dirt physically or emotionally. But I definitely find the quiet, confident guy sexy as hell. The guy who’s so confident he can just lay low and enjoy watching the heroine shine. Fine, I’ll choose: Alpha. Big, bad, good-hearted alpha.

2. Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? Virgin widow all the way. I have kids; after the super-sexy, I-Am-Uber-Woman nine months are over, I have hard time envisioning The Sexy for awhile. :)

3. Time Travel or Futuristic? Depends on author. I’ll say time travel, because they can go back in time, and that’s where my little fiction-loving heart lies, in historicals.

4. Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice? Oohh....hot! Very, very hot. Disdain doesn’t turn me on; being turned on turns me on. :)

5. Spinster or First Season Out? Spinster! I like my heroines to know what’s what, and when they get a glimpse of what-could-be, they know exactly what they’re seeing.

6. England or Anywhere but? England is fine by me, but I do wish there were more non-England-set stories, in every era. I would draw blood (not necessarily mine though) for a new, great American Revolution-set romance. And my eternal lament remains: why aren’t there more sexy Irish-set romances?! (Sarah's note: I think you're single handedly bringing the Irish-sexy back, Kris!)

7. Vampire or Shape Shifter? Vampy vamp-vamp. Love me a sexy vamp.

8. Small Town or Big City? Um... Small town. And only because I like big things in little packages, the amazing in the mundane, the shining star in the dark sky. I think there’s something inherently more constraining about a small town, so breaking free has the potential to be so incredibly potent, whether that breaking free is sexual, emotional, or psychological. Or all three!

9. Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower. I love make-over, fish-out-of-water stories, and to me, the wallflower is the the epitome of those things.

10. Unrequited love or love at first sight? Love at first sight. And then futile resistance to it for 350 pages. :)

11. Kris's choice! Answer her question in comments, and one lucky winner will receive a copy of Defiant! In general, are you more a fan of a hero with a Take-Charge approach or a Let-Her-Lead approach to . . . ah, the, ah.... You know, The Ah. :-)

LOL! I love this question...and can't wait for the answers...so what's your pleasure (pun very much intended!)? We'll choose one commenter on Friday to win!