Cara Elliott's Nine Things Learned While Teaching Historical Romance

I'm so excited to host Cara Elliott on the blog today!  In the past few months, Cara's become a friend--we're both regulars at Lady Jane's Salon--and I'm so happy to be able to have her here...and to be able to give away the second book in her fabulous Circle of Sin know how much I love smart heroines, and boy do these girls deliver! I'll prove it! One random commenter will win a signed copy of To Surrender to a Rogue!  Yay!

Fun fact about Cara! She (along with the fabulous Lauren Willig) taught what sounds like the very best college course ever...Reading the Historical Romance (download the syllabus here). And she's sharing some of the lessons *she* learned here!  With us!

Sarah invited me to hang out in her space today. And being the great sister-in-romance that she is, she even let me play with her title—well, part of it. (The tiara and ballgown remain locked in the closet, but y’know, a girl can only go so far, even for sisters,) In return, I offered to share some things too.

So, without further ado, here are . . .

Nine Things Learned While Teaching A Class On The Historical Romance Novel at Yale

1 . Wit and humor beat bulging biceps and corded sinews hands down. In other words, a Beta hero can sometimes kick an Alpha’s ass.

2 . Pirate ships, ancient tombs, carriages and sun-dappled gardens seem popular spots for canoodling. A corollary is that the sexiest seductions rarely take place in the bedroom.

3 . The villainesses always seem to have the coolest clothes, but there is some solace in the fact that the hero always seems to recognize that beauty is only skin deep.

4 . There must be something inherently sexy about buttons and men’s pants. Think about it—Levi 501s and buckskin breeches have a certain je ne sais quoi.

5 . Purple prose be might a little too shocking loud, but shades of violet have a surprisingly allure.

6 . Students are willing to read sentences that consist of more than 140 letters.

7 . A hero’s shoulders are the Regency equivalent of six-pack abs. Which makes perfect sense, of course as he wasn’t allowed to play frisbee in Hyde Park without his shirt on.

8 . Girls still want to be swept off their feet—and if the man has a title, a fortune and a country estate in Devonshire, all the better!

9 . Fabio was rooming rhis year with a suite of senior girls in Davenport College—who knew! (I didn’t find out what his major was.)

Contest time!

Comment below with the one thing that Romance Novels have taught you...for a chance to win a signed copy of To Surrender to a Rogue! (As always...don't forget your email address so we can find you!)