Beverley Kendall's Ten Reasons To Write Historicals (and not live them!)

I'm so happy to have Beverley Kendall--author of The Elusive Lords series and founder of the amazingly addictive Romance website The Season for Romance--here on the blog to talk about writing historical romances...and the benefits of living in *fantasy* historical times instead of *real* historical times. This is a super fun topic--one I love thinking about...and I'm so happy Beverley came over to chat as part of the release celebration of Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord!

Welcome Beverley!

Beverley Kendall's Ten Reasons I'm Happy Not to Live in a Historical Romance.

1. Ladies, if you think bras can be uncomfortable, think full torso iron cast and you have the corset.

2. Movies-on-demand might be your thing, but I’ll gladly take clean hot running water on demand over that any time and every time.

3. No trousers, no jeans. Just dresses that fall below the ankle. Oh, the horror!

4. Sewers and daily baths. I like those very much, thank you very much.

5. Pasteurization. My cereal no longer takes it for granted.

6. As much as I love horses, I gotta say I do love my car.

7. Central heat and air. Can I get an AMEN!

8. Women’s razor. I believe that is self-explanatory.

9. As much as I love babies and children, the advent of women’s birth control was a very good thing.

10. Whoever made divorce acceptable in society, I THANK YOU with all my heart!

That’s the list I came up with first. I was punchy after having driven 40 miles to work to then have to turn right around and head back home because my son was sick. I came up with the second list after getting warm and out of the 15 degree day (with a wind chill of 0). I do write and read romance, and these are the reasons I do.

The Top Ten Reasons Every Woman Should be Romanced by a Victorian Gentleman

1. Daily baths. I have it from very good sources that the wealthy aristocrats did indulge in them. And even that’s not true, ALL of my heroes do.

2. Lord. Seriously, who can resist a man with that in front of his name? ;)

3. Dashing and sinfully seductive. James and Thomas are the first two heroes in The Elusive Lords series and I know they personify dashing and seductive—because they literally leapt off the page that way. What woman can resist a man who whispers this in her ear: “I should kiss you senseless right here…right now.” – Lord Thomas Armstrong, A TASTE OF DESIRE

4. A horse. And what woman can resist a man perched high on a horse. Sigh. Ladies, can you even imagine the strength of his thighs?

5. Time. Since they are either self-employed or just don’t work, they have heaps of time to pursue you. Although, I don’t like a lazy, shiftless gentleman, so all of my heroes work and are very good at what they do.

6. Impeccable Manners. Yes, Victorian gentlemen have them unless, like Thomas in A TASTE OF DESIRE, he has his sights set on seduction. I fear with seduction in play, manners tend to fall to the wayside.

7. Grace. He walks in beauty. Yes, he’s as graceful as a mountain lion (think any wild large cat). Now I’ve seen a mountain lion walk and stalk and they are graceful…but very deadly. Ladies, be warned because the comparison is very accurate.

8. Wealth. Now before you jump all over me for what seems like something that shouts gold-digger, this is only part and parcel of the entire package…and let’s face it, it sure don’t hurt.

9. Handsomeness. Titled Victorian gentlemen are handsome. It’s the law.

10. Love. He loves and will love only you until the end of time, and there’s nothing on earth that can beat being loved by a man like that. 

Sarah, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. I had a lot of fun coming up with my Top Ten Reasons lists. I’m also giving away autographed copies of my debut book, SINFUL SURRENDER and an advance copy of my January release, A TASTE OF DESIRE. You can read excerpts for Sinful Surrender and A Taste of Desire on my website.

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