Bella Andre shares Luke Carson's Nine Attempts to Resist Janica Ellis's Kiss

So, four years ago, I was in my local bookstore, and I stumbled upon Bella Andre'Take Me that was precisely my kind of book.  The heroine is slightly curvier than most (and we know how much I like *those* heroines) and has been in love with the hero (who happens to be a hot twin...are you sensing the theme?) since childhood.  Lily (our heroine) ends up nabbing Travis (hot hero) during a ridiculously luscious trip through Tuscany. Uh...sign me up! 
I devoured the book and everything else I could find by Bella... Tempt Me, Taste Me, Touch Me about three friends who find love on a trip to Napa Valley (so good), her Hot Shots series about gorgeous firefighters in Northern California, and her awesome Bad Boys of Football series...which is...well, yummy. 
But in the back of my mind, I always wanted the second book in the Take Me series...the story of Luke (hot Travis's hot twin) and Janica (Lily's sister). So imagine the squee emanating from Brooklyn when I discovered a month or so back that Bella had finally written it. I bought Love Me immediately.  And read it in a matter of hours. 
And it did not disappoint.  
And when I fangirled all over Bella about it, she was very gracious and did not show her disgust at my obsessive excitement (I think in part because we're both friends with Anne Mallory, and Anne likely assured Bella that my fangirling would eventually give way to a pitch that humans could hear) and instead offered to meet me at Nationals!  OMG! 
Well, we met.  And she was awesome.  And she agreed to come on the blog and give away a copy of the fabulous LOVE ME to one faithful commenter! Yay! And if this list doesn't make you want to run out to the bookstore immediately, I don't think you have a pulse.  

Luke Carson's 9 attempts to resist Janica Ellis's kiss

1. Tell yourself she's too wild for you.

2. Know with utter certainty that a clothing designer and a trauma surgeon couldn't possibly be each other's type.

3. Repeatedly remind yourself that it's wrong to want your sister-in-law.

4. Have a really bad night at the ER and finally give in to what - to who - you really want.

5. The morning after, immediately tell yourself that it was just a one-time abberation.

6. Realize even quicker that you won't be able to forget the amazing, mind-blowing night no matter how hard you try.

7. Because you want to do it again.

8. And when she appears on your doorstep and you do it again...

9. ...keep trying to convince yourself that you haven't fallen head-over-heels in love with her.

Contest!  Luke is a surgeon; Janica is a fashion designer.  Both fabulous, sexy careers for romance heroes and heroines. What's the sexiest career for a hero or a heroine?  Share in comments...and we'll choose one at random on Monday to win a copy of Love Me! **Don't forget to leave your email address so we can find you!**