Barry Lyga on Diana Prince and Wonder Woman

As you know, I'm currently hosting a month-long celebration of Girls Who Wear Glasses in honor of the bespectacled heroine of One Good Earl Deserves a Lover. Today, I'm super excited to get the male perspective on ladies in lenses...the fabulous Barry Lyga is joining us to talk about his favorite girl in glasses. Barry's a star...there isn't one of his books that I don't love -- from Boy Toy to Goth Girl Rising to his terrifying I Hunt Killers. And while we disagree on some superheroes -- one thing that we can agree on is that Wonder Woman is pretty awesome. 

Take it away, Barry!

What is the appeal of a Girl in Glasses?

Somewhere along the way, our culture decided that glasses = smart. There are a spate of reasons for this, and I won’t go into them. Just accept it.

More recently, our culture decided that glasses are also a complement to a superhero’s secret identity. It started with Superman and Clark Kent, of course, but check out the movie versions of Batman (the Michael Keaton series), Iron Man, and Spider-Man. Glasses everywhere! Even on heroes ― like Iron Man and Batman ― who never, ever wore them in the comics.

Even Wonder Woman is not immune:

I’m tempted to leave it at that: An image of the inimitable Lynda Carter, decked out as Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince, right down to a pair of 70s-era cheaters.

But Sarah would want me to say more. So I will.

Here’s the thing: You’d think Wonder Woman, the Amazing Amazon, wouldn’t need anything more on her side than her obvious charms in order to win the hearts, minds, and, er, interest of boys and men everywhere. You’d be wrong.

Because a strong girl? Is hot.

A chick who can wrestle you down and make you tell the truth? Is cool.

But a smart woman?

Is sexy as hell.


I. Love. This. Post. 

Thanks to Barry for stopping by to celebrate Girls Who Wear Glasses...let's take a moment to talk favorite female superheroes! Who did you want to be (or be with?!) when you were a kid? (Oh, who am I kidding...what I wouldn't do for a lasso of truth now!) 

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