Backordered? Sorry! Let me make it better!

Several people have emailed me today regarding Amazon & listing Nine Rules... as backordered on their sites...thanks for bringing it to my attention! Here's what I know:
Yes.  Looks like they're backordered as of today...books have been shipped and they should be sent to those of you who placed orders in the next day or two (I'm guessing Monday counts as "two" considering it's Friday). In the meantime, you should be able to get the book in your nearest brick & mortar bookstore (including Borders stores!), or online at Barnes & Noble.   
That said...I'd like to make the wait worth your while!'s this? If you join my mailing list and share your mailing address, I'll send you a signed Nine Rules postcard.  And if you comment below and tell me the book you're reading while you're waiting for Nine Rules, I'll enter you in a contest to win signed copies of both Nine Rules AND my YA, The Season! Let's say....Three winners?  I'll choose them randomly on Tuesday morning!
UPDATE! Looks like books are back in stock at Amazon as of Monday, April 26th!

In the meantime...may I suggest that you check out the Authors Rule(s) series for other great reads by fab authors?

WINNERS!  Thanks, all, for signing up for postcards and entering to win signed books! The three winners are:

Catherine Gayle,
Restaurant Maven, and

If you're one of the winners, send me an email (sarah at macleanspace dot com) with your mailing address (and let me know who you are) and I will mail off your books ASAP!