Anna Campbell's Nine Rules NOT to Break when SEDUCING a Rake!

I'm so so honored to host the fabulous Anna Campbell on the blog today -- Anna has been a favorite of mine since CLAIMING THE COURTESAN...her books are passionate, terrific reads that are on my instant preorder list. I am so very excited about her new release, MY RECKLESS SURRENDER...I cannot wait for my preordered copy to arrive tomorrow morning (and while I'm on the subject of this book...check out that's amazing, don't you think?! The Avon designers have outdone themselves on this one)!

Anna was gracious enough to come over and share her Nine Rules NOT to Break when SEDUCING a Rake... so I won't keep you waiting any longer!  Please welcome Anna!

Hello, Sarah! Hello, Sarah’s fans (among whom I number moi so clearly I am talking to myself, and we know what that’s a sign of!). Thanks for having me as the guest here today!

Sarah, I’ve said it privately, but huge congratulations on your amazing success! You’re a shining star in the romance firmament! Anyone else a Singin’ in the Rain fan?

I’m actually here on very serious business. I’m trying to save Diana Carrick, the heroine of my 25th May release MY RECKLESS SURRENDER, from some BIG mistakes when she sets out to seduce notorious rake Tarquin Vale, Earl of Ashcroft.

Diana, are you listening? OK, here we go – Nine Rules Not to Break, no matter how much I know you want to, my girl!

1. Never lose your cool even if you find yourself reluctantly attracted to the aforementioned rake.

2. Don’t let the aforementioned rake distract you from your purpose with his famously seductive rakish skills. Oh, that scoundrel! Ohhhh……

3. Lie, lie, lie. Oh, and then lie some more. Oh, and when in doubt, lie!

4. Don’t let the rake discover the real woman beneath your elegant surface.

5. Don’t let the rake discover your real name.

6. Don’t let the rake whisk you off for a few private moments in the British Museum. Believe me, this promises NOTHING but trouble! And it will break all the first five rules as well. Altogether a BAD idea!

7. Don’t look beneath the rake’s libertine exterior and find yourself drawn to the real man. Actually the minute you say the world ‘real’ in any context whatsoever, STOP!

8. Don’t forget the Marquess of Burnley has what you want and the Earl of Ashcroft can offer nothing but heartbreak and disgrace. Yeah, I know, Ashcroft is prettier. Get over it!

9. Above all, DON’T FALL IN LOVE!!!! Oops, too late…

Diana, Diana, Diana, why didn’t you call before you got so deep into this scheme? You know there’s only disaster ahead!

Nobody listens to good advice anymore! Sheesh!

If you want to see Diana starting to get into trouble (much more to come), there’s an excerpt from MY RECKLESS SURRENDER on Anna's website:

Contest time!  

So what’s the best bit of advice you ever received? Did you listen to it? Anna's favorite answer wins a signed copy of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER -- she'll choose the winner on Friday evening! (Don't forget to leave your email address, so we can reach you!)

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