Anna Campbell on Men Making Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

Seven Nights in a Rogue's BedAnna Campbell is awesome. Aside from being able to write one heckuva dark and brooding and super duper sexy romance, she's also tremendously fun and willing to take risks on her heroines that make them some of the best in books. For proof, check out her most recent book -- Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed I've loved Anna since before I met her...and afterward...we became fast friends. And all this was before she wrote a girl who wore glasses as a heroine in the 2011 release (and quite possibly my favorite of all her books--Midnight's Wild Passion)


Sarah, so excited to be here. Thank you for having me as your guest. I’m almost as excited as I am to read your wonderful One Good Earl Deserves a Lover. I’m deep in revisions as we speak, but you’re first off the TBR pile once I’m done!

As a reader (and dedicated old movie watcher – hmm, does that mean I’m old or the movies? Please don’t answer!), I always adore that scene where our hitherto oblivious hero removes the heroine’s glasses and murmurs with breathless wonder, “Why, Miss Jones, you’re BEAUTIFUL!”I’m a girl who wears glasses myself so I love that your new heroine is vision challenged. Heightens the other senses, don’t you know? Ooh la la!

midnight's wild passion

There’s a moment like that in my May 2011 historical romance Midnight's Wild Passion. Antonia isn’t shortsighted – well, in everything except her weakness for rakes! But she’s hiding her identity under a dowdy disguise and that includes tinted glasses. Everybody’s fooled except the Marquess of Ranelaw who discovers the secret when he first kisses her. He sets out to discover the truth about the mysterious Miss Antonia Smith – and much mayhem ensues!

You can read an excerpt of MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION here!

So are you a sucker for the romantic clichés? The hero taking off the heroine’s glasses? The twisted ankle at a crisis point, meaning he has to carry her? The wallflower at the ball who gets to dance with the prince? There are so many and I have to say they nearly all work for me (the twisted ankle might get a bit tired!). Anna's offering up a copy of MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION for one commenter today.

The winner will be notified on Friday. Good luck!