An Ode to Girls Who Wear Glasses

Girls Who Wear Glasses AdPippa Marbury, youngest daughter of the Marquess of Needham & Dolby, sister-in-law to the Marquess of Bourne, and heroine of my book One Good Earl Deserves a blind as a bat. Seriously. Her spectacles, which are one of the first things her hero--oh, who am I kidding?--anyone notices about her, are thick-lensed disasters that make her eyes seem preternaturally large. Girls who wear glasses don't get passes.

She has to stop and clean them at inopportune times. They fall off her face when she leans over high balcony edges. And, by God, they are in no way sexy. I mean. That's in the handbook, isn't it? It's why we (as nearsighted Nellies) are conditioned to take our glasses off when we take pictures, to wear contact lenses when we go out in public, and to generally do whatever we can to hide the frames on our faces.

But here's the thing...Cross, Pippa's tall, ginger-haired, genius of a hero...hasn't gotten the memo. He likes the lenses. He finds the spectacles undeniably sexy. And there is one moment...well...I'll let you see for yourself:

Spectacles. There was nothing tempting about spectacles. She reached up to remove them.


She stilled, her hand halfway to her face. "But--"

"Leave them."

"They're not--" She began. They're not smoldering. They're not seductive.

"They're perfect."

I can tell you, the saying is wrong. Girls who wear glasses most definitely get passes. They most definitely have character and charm. And they most definitely win love in the end.

Sure, sometimes it takes us ladies in lenses a little longer to find ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to honor ourselves. But if that's true, it's only because we're so clearly focused on the great wide world around us.

Please join me all month long for a celebration of "Girls Who Wear Glasses," from Tina Fey to Diane Keaton, from Wonder Woman to Gloria Steinem, from Hillary Clinton to Marilyn Monroe, I've got four weeks of lens love lined up, and hope you'll join in the love!

Tell me...who is your favorite Lady in Lenses? 

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