Carla Neggers on NCIS's Hetty Lange

I'm thrilled to host Carla Neggers today on the blog to talk about her favorite girl who wears glasses! As you know, I've been asking some of my favorite authors (and non-authors!) to join the blog to celebrate ladies in lenses -- the unsung among us -- in honor of my most recent release One Good Earl Deserves a Lover. Fellow New Englander and New York Times bestseller Carla Neggers has joined us today to talk her favorite -- NCIS genius Henrietta Lange, played by the bespectacled Linda Hunt! Welcome Carla!

Henrietta Lange Knows What's Up

Having worn glasses since the age of nine. I'm always on the lookout for a glam girl in glasses, but I have to say, I'm going with Henrietta Lange. Hetty! CBS describes her as "all-knowing," and NCIS-LA wouldn't be the same without her. Played by Linda Hunt, Hetty is a woman of a certain age, eccentric, experienced and confident. She has a past. She embraces her age, her diminutive size and her femaleness without apology or excuse. You'd want her on your side in a fight as much as you'd want her to choose the tea if you were meeting her for a chat. You'd probably want her to choose the scones, too.

Hetty also has secrets, and a girl who wears glasses must have secrets. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she started out on the series in owlish glasses that have become more rectangular. And she's always got them clipped to…what is that called? The thing that you clip your glasses to so you can take them off and let them dangle down your front like a necklace. I've never worn one myself. I always need glasses. I even have a pair just for the computer. They cut down on eyestrain. Would Hetty worry about eyestrain? I think not. She worries about bigger things: her agents, national security, people who use teabags.

For me, Hetty's fabulousness derives from her confidence in who she is now, not ten or thirty years ago or tomorrow. She has a past but it's not where she lives. She lives today, and I like that.


I like that, too, Carla. All hail Hetty! 

Your turn, readers! If you could take tea with any television character, which one would you choose? Tell us in comments, and one lucky winner will win Carla's latest release (out this month!) That Night on Thistle Lane! (US only)