10 Helpful Hints Should a Lady Find Herself in the Company of Pirates

I'm so very excited to announce that in the next few months, to celebrate the release of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing A Lord, I've got a *sick* (in an awesome way) line up of authors who are joining in the fun to offer their own lists of 10 as part of Authors Rule(s)!

Today, I'm so happy to host the fabulous Katharine Ashe, who is not only a debut romance author who has just been named by Booklist as one of the brightest new stars in historical romance, but who is also super duper fun and has written a ROMANCE THAT INVOLVES PIRATES OMGOMGOMGYES.


SWEPT AWAY BY A KISS, tracks Scandalous Lady Valerie Monroe as she sets sail from Boston determined to mend her wicked ways and return to London society reformed. Valerie doesn’t count on pirates and a midnight abduction, however, or on a fellow prisoner whose strong hands and sculpted mouth look like they’ve been created for sin.

But Valerie suspects her cabin mate, Etienne La Marque, is not telling the entire truth about himself. Indeed, it begins to appear she may be sharing captivity with the greatest rogue on board…

Katharine is here to share her 10 Helpful Hints Should a Lady Find Herself in the Company of Pirates...and give away a copy of Swept Away By A Kiss (contest below)!

Katharine Ashe's 10 Helpful Hints Should a Lady Find Herself in the Company of Pirates

1. A lady should be advised, pirates do not look like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom — with the notable exception of Lord Steven Ashford, counterfeit Frenchman and faux prisoner, who puts Johnny and Orlando combined to shame.

2. Pirates do, however, occasionally sound like Jack Sparrow. Blame it on the grog, the Barbadian rum, the Spanish Madeira, what have you.

3. If a pirate offers a lady a lick of that grog, Madeira, or what have you, she should consider the consequences before she accepts.

4. Then she should go ahead and accept. (When in Rome… )

5. The articles of pirate vessels expressly state “no Woman be allowed amongst them.” A determined lady is advised to wield her uniquely feminine persuasive skills to alter this rule.

6. Thieves and scoundrels will rise to mutiny when suitably inspired. It is recommended that a lady swiftly make friends amongst the crew.

7. It is however recommended that a lady not make excessively close friendships. She should at all times maintain a befitting modesty. Unless this is not to her advantage, for instance, in the event that a particular pirate’s dashing air and devastating smile turn her knees to jelly.

8. Pirates are rustic, open fellows. But again, exceptions do exist. In fact, if a lady encounters such an exception, she must study this mysterious pirate closely. She may choose to begin her examination by removing his garments. (This approach is especially Scientific, and highly recommended.)

9. Pirates live for gold. A noble-hearted pirate will, however, die for a lady.

10. To be sure, if a pirate fights a deadly battle on a lady’s behalf, the lady may trust that he has formed a Particular Attachment to her. That—despite his nature, secret mission, and expected destiny—he is in love.

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