Spoilers and No Good Duke Goes Unpunished


There's a big secret in No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

It's big enough that I can count on one hand the number of people who know it. Big enough that my mom  doesn't even know it. Big enough that when we discussed sending out early copies of the book to bloggers and journalists, my publisher and I decided that it would be best for all of you -- readers who have spent years with my scoundrels -- if we actually removed the epilogue from the early versions of the book...so everyone could learn The Fallen Angel's biggest secret all at once. 

I'm kind of shocked that we pulled it off, honestly. After all...it's been three books...and three heroes...and three heroines...and nearly two years. But now it's time. And on November 26th, you're all going to know Chase's big secret -- the secret that could ruin everything the Scoundrels have worked so hard to protect.

I cannot WAIT to hear what you all think of it....BUT...here's the part where I need your help: 

Some of you are going to find early copies of the book. Some of you are reviewers and bloggers and are going to receive  early copies of the book. And some of you have already received  early copies.

I'm hoping that you'll do what you can to keep the Scoundrels' secret for as long as you can...so that those people who are less lucky and have to wait until 11/26 don't stumble onto spoilers. Because, that's no fun.   

Please help me keep Chase's secrets and after release date...and look for a "Spoiler Zone" post here on November 27th, where you can ask me questions in comments, and I'll do my best to answer them!

xxoo Sarah