Victoria Alexander's Nine Rules for Starting Over

I'm thrilled to host the fabulous Victoria Alexander today on the blog...when she agreed to share her Nine Rules for the heroine of her latest novel, Desires of a Perfect Lady (out on Tuesday!), I had a complete fangirl moment...I mean, who wouldn't?!  I'm so happy that she took some time to come over!

In Desires of a Perfect Lady, Olivia Rathbourne has a list of secret hopes and desires that sustain her through the years of an awful marriage. But now that she's free, it's time to start her life over. So, here are:

Lady Olivia Rathbourne's Nine Rules for Starting Over

  • Do not allow anyone to control you from the grave. 
  • When the man who broke your heart insists on helping you, throw him out of your house. 
  • When you realize he is the only one that can help you, try to be gracious in allowing him to do so. Even if it kills you. 
  • Practice those flirtatious skills that might be rusty. 
  • No matter how much you hated the dearly departed, never turn down an inherited fortune. 
  • Never protest letting someone else take care of a dead body. 
  • Follow your heart. 
  • Ignore everyone's rules but your own.

Also, can we just have a moment about the amazing art department at Avon?  This cover is sick.  In the very best of ways!

Contest time!  I've got one copy of Desires of a Perfect Lady for one lucky enter, comment with one thing that makes a heroine perfect in your view. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can reach you if you win! I'll choose the winner on Tuesday evening!

And stay tuned for the rest of the month--and a dozen more Authors Rule(s) posts from an awesome range of authors! To read more of Authors Rule(s), please click here!