Saundra Mitchell's Nine Rules for Getting by in Ondine, Louisiana

As I mentioned earlier this week, being a debut author is made infinitely better by having a collection of other debut authors to cling to during the insane time. When The Season released this time last year, I was lucky enough to have the 2009 Debutantes with whom to share my wins and losses...and as part of that, I was lucky enough to find the fabulous Saundra Mitchell, who isn't just a fellow 2009 YA debut, but also a great friend.

Aside from being a 2010 Edgar Nominee for best Teen Mystery, Saundra's Shadowed Summer is also just a terrific book...a vivid ghost story that stands up to the best in the genre. Iris Rhame is the book's main character, but she is given a run for her money for the title by the small-town in which the book is set, Ondine, Louisiana. Ondine is hot and sleepy and quiet and full of secrets...and ghosts...

I'm so happy that Iris was willing to share her Nine Rules for Getting By in Ondine, Louisiana for my celebration of Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake!

Nine Rules for Getting by in Ondine, Louisiana
by Iris Rhame, as told to Saundra Mitchell

9. Where you found it in The Red Stripe is where it belongs, even if that means the mandarin oranges are with the mayonnaise. Mr. Ourso has a system, and he'll make you sorry if you mess it up. 

8. Shea Duvall only charges two dollars for a ride to St. Amant in his car, and it's still a rip-off. 

7. 2:30pm is when Collette's mama sneaks out back of the diner for a cigarette. 2:30pm is the best time to get free Cokes from the diner. 

6. Don't even think about turning your back on a woman that gives you candy for prayers. There's a real good chance she's dangerous. 

5. Miss Nan loves to talk, and if you sit quiet and listen, she'll cuss in front of you and everything. 

4. Chances were, Deputy Wood was gonna write six or seven speeding tickets today anyway. He ain't picking on you because you're from out of town. Actually, he probably is.

3. Tip for genealogists who don't want us laughing at you: no matter what your granddaddy said, your people ain't Voodoo Royalty from Ascension Parish.

2. If the Delancie Brothers are running, you'd best run, too.

1. If somebody asks you "Where y'at?", you might wanna think twice before you answer.

If you're anything like me, you won't be able to get enough of Iris's, how about a chance to win a copy of Shadowed Summer? Comment below with your favorite thing about summer...and I'll choose one person at random on Sunday to win! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you!

ETA: Congrats to Lynsey! Thanks to all for playing!

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