Sandra Hill's Nine Rules for Nabbing a Viking Lover!

Ok, y'all...Sandra Hill is fabulous.  I could write Nine Reasons Why Sandra Hill is fabulous, but honestly, I only need three.  1) She's hysterically funny.  Her most recent release, Viking in Love, is a Viking retelling of the Dixie Chicks' Goodbye Earl.  That's pretty much all I needed to know.  2) She's writing about Vikings! Oh, how I have missed Viking romances, which had their heyday in the early 90s (maybe even earlier) and which I gobbled up by the dozens.  and 3) Her heroes (Caedmon in this case) are hot. And particularly adorable when faced with five Viking princesses who are precisely as much trouble as they sound like.

I'm so very happy to welcome Sandra to MacLeanSpace as part of month two of my Nine Rules... celebration, and I can't read her Rules for Nabbing a Viking Lover without dissolving into giggles!  Read on...but make sure you're not in a library.  Or church. Or somewhere requiring the illusion of gravitas.

You've been warned.

Nine Rules for Nabbing a Viking Lover

1) Must love water, and know that you'll probably play second fiddle to his longboat.

2) Must play hard to get. Viking men are super attractive. No wonder women from every country line up for a turn in their bed furs. Even if you're just as eager, pretend indifference.

3) Must be in prime physical condition. Not necessarily beautiful, but these Viking men can go all night, and then again in the morning. You gotta be able to keep up.

4) Must be adventuresome, willing to try anything. Like the famous Viking S-Spot.

5) Must be willing to accept that your Viking might have prettier hair than you do. A hint: Do not make fun of the crystal beads intertwined in his war braids.

6) Must not be a pacifist. After all, these are fierce warriors who fight to defend their homes and families, and, yeah, they might not pass up a battle if it involves those hated Saxons. On the other hand, many Vikings have settled in Britain, becoming a bit Saxonized themselves.

7) Must like beer (or mead). Vikings do enjoy their ale.

8) Must not belong to PETA. There's fur everywhere. Lining their cloaks. Covering their beds. Made into hats and gloves. (Have you ever had a Viking man make love to you with his gloves on...turned fur side out?)

9) Must be prepared to spend a lot of time in bed during those long winter nights in the frigid Norselands. What to do, what to do?

And the best part?  Sandra has two more Viking romances coming out this year! The Viking Takes a Knight is out in September, and Dark Viking arrives in October!

Contest time!  I've got one copy of Viking in Love for one lucky enter, comment with your favorite historical time-period, and why. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can reach you  if you win! I'll choose the winner on Friday evening!

ETA: Congrats to Arlene! Thanks to all for coming over to comment!