Rachael Herron's Nine Rules for Knitting in the Dark

Part of the fun of being a debut author is meeting an amazing group of other debut authors...and I've been lucky enough to be able to do this in two genres--last year in YA, when I met the fab 2009 Debutantes, and this year, in Romance!

Rachael Herron is one of those amazing debut romance authors...and her book, How to Knit a Love Song, out earlier this month, is one of those books that you can't help but cozy up to.  A big-city-girl-finds-love-in-a-small-town tale, it's fun and sweet and yummy...and, yeah. I guess you can tell that I loved it!

I'm so happy that Rachael took the time to come over as part of my celebration of Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake and share her own Nine Rules... for Knitting in the Dark!

Nine Rules for Knitting in the Dark

1. Touch is as important as sight. A purl bump is as evocative as a frown.

2. A double-point needle, left in the wrong place underneath a pillow, can be a fine murder weapon, if one knows just how one's enemy might fall heavily asleep. It would be hard to prove, of course. And that's just the point.

3. In the dark, soft is always soft.

4. The soothing sound of knitting needles clicking in the dark becomes even more relaxing -- a nighttime chant, a prayer, a rhythmic rosary of craft.

5. Doing something when you can only trust the tips of your fingers to guide you is a good test. Close your eyes right now. Do what you're doing. See how far you get.

6. Night knitting, folded correctly, becomes the best kind of pillow.

7. The working yarn has to trail across something. If it happens to trail across the person next to you, make it count. Make it work.

8. Glow-in-the-dark needles are like the Captain EO ride at Disneyland -- it was a good idea for a limited time, but it's bound to give you a headache, and you just don't need it.

9. Keep just one candle lit when you're working on something important. He'll tell you that you look more beautiful than ever in the soft glow. but you'll know what he really means -- he's happy his sweater is almost done.

Rachael has offered up a signed copy How to Knit a Love Song to one lucky commenter!  Comment below with the one craft you wish you were skilled in...and one person will be chosen at random on Wednesday! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you!

ETA: CONGRATS to Martha!  And thanks to everyone for commenting! xo

And stay tuned for the rest of the month--and a dozen more Authors Rule(s) posts from an awesome range of authors! To read more of Authors Rule(s), please click here!