Nine Books You Should Buy From Not Amazon

So, anyone who follows the publishing industry has heard about the throwdown between Macmillan Publishing and Amazon today.  I think there's a lot of insanity from both sides, but it sounds like it went something like this.

Macmillan: Hey, Amazon, we're not so thrilled that you're price-fixing eBooks for the Kindle.  Since iPad is going to take over the world, uhm...yeah...we're gonna need you to go ahead and up the prices on Macmillan ebooks.  All of them. Also, we're pretty sure that Steve Jobs can kick Jeff Bezos's butt in a cage match.


Macmillan: Well, we're at an impasse then.  Because that means we won't let you carry our eBooks. So, there.  

Amazon: Uhm...while we're at it, why don't we make it ALL your books.  Paper ones, too?

Macmillan: Uhm...

Amazon: Tell Steve Jobs it's on. 

Macmillan: Shit. there's some crazysauce on both sides of this debate.  And I don't really know who was more ridiculous in the discussion, because, frankly, Macmillan shouldn't have been so astoundingly short sighted, and Amazon shouldn't have been such a bully.  BUT...what I do know is this: Authors who publish with Macmillan (or any of the imprints of Macmillan, like Tor, Farrar Straus & Giroux, Holt, and St. Martin's) are pretty well screwed by this news...because for a lot of authors, Amazon accounts for the lion's share of their sales.

So...without further ado...I give you Nine Books You Should Buy From Not Amazon. All of these books are published by Macmillan. And, yes. Some of these authors are my friends...because I want them to be able to eat. I think it's important to stress how INCREDIBLY vast the impact of this kind of major publishing event is--it impacts authors from all you can see from the list below.

1. Elizabeth Strout's, Olive Kitteridge (Literary Fiction & Winner of the Pulitzer Prize)

2. Lisa Kleypas's, Blue-Eyed Devil (Contemporary Romance)

3. Lisa Mantchev's Eyes Like Stars (YA)

4. Polly Frost's Deep Inside (Erotic Horror) 

5. Liel Leibovitz's Aliya: Three Generations of American-Jewish Immigration to Israel (Nonfiction)

6. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series (Bestselling Mystery)

7. Natalie Babbit's Tuck Everlasting (Children's & one of my favorite books of all time)

8. Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall (Historical Fiction & Winner of the Booker Prize)

9. Deva Fagan's Fortune's Folly (Middle Grade Fiction)

Really, team?  We can't get it together and reach some kind of agreement?

ETA: There are, of course, thousands of other authors impacted by this insanity.  Visit the Macmillan website to look for more.