Juliana Stone's Nine Rules For Romancing a Jaguar Warrior!

Ok. I've said before that I've recently fallen in love with shape-shifters. So, I have been super duper excited about Juliana Stone's Darkest series, beginning with His Darkest Hunger (which was released along with Nine Rules... in March), and followed by His Darkest Embrace (November 2010) and His Darkest Salvation (Spring 2011). For multiple reasons, including:

1) The hero, Jaxon, is a jaguar shifter. WHAT?!?! Oh, yes. Please. Immediately. 

2) The cover. Are you KIDDING me?! and 

3) Juliana is fab. Don't believe me? Go follow her on Twitter and see for yourself.

I'm thrilled that Juliana was willing to come over and share her Nine Rules as part of the Author(s) Rule series...in part, because I'm psyched to

Nine Rules For Romancing a Jaguar Warrior:

1. You must never refer to a jaguar as a panther, or a leopard. They won’t take kindly to this.

2. You must enjoy the water. Jaguars love to swim, especially as a way to cool off after well, a steamy session between the sheets!

3. Don’t worry too much about their alpha tendencies. They are after all pussy cats underneath.

4. Don’t mind the stuffed animal carcasses on display. It’s what they consider “art”. Besides, what’s wrong with a wild boar in the corner of the family room?

5. The occasional bite, or nip on the shoulder is just their way of telling you that they really, really like you. For reals.

6. If they must offer up a sacrifice to their god of war, it’s okay, they stopped using human sacrifices a while ago.

7. You must enjoy hot vacations in steamy jungles or on white sandy beaches in South America.

8. Don’t freak out when the fur starts flying, it’s only temporary. They shift within seconds, just stay out of reach of their claws. Accidents do happen!

9. Be prepared to be loved like you’ve never been loved before. Jaguar Warriors are insatiable lovers who live to please their mates. That is all.

Oh, I'm prepared.
Yummy. Yummy yummy.


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