Julia London's Ten Signs that Winter is Almost Over

Today, I'm so happy to turn the blog over to the fabulous Julia London, who has chosen a topic for the blog that I like very much...namely, winter's end. 

It will end, won't it? 

Julia's latest book promises that it will, so I'm going with it. 

Welcome Julia! 

A Light at Winter’s End is about a conflict between two sisters and the cowboy who unwittingly wanders into the middle of it. Hannah Drake has always done everything right: getting married, having a baby, caring for her mother in her final days, all the while performing impeccably in a high-level job. Her sister Holly Fisher is the college dropout, the one who works at a coffee shop and wants to be a songwriter. Then one day perfect Hannah suddenly—without explanation—leaves her baby with Holly and disappears. Holly takes little Mason to the empty family homestead, where she can stay while she figures out how to take care of a baby and what to do with this sudden change in her life. It is there she meets Wyatt Clark, a close-mouthed, handsome cowboy who is mysteriously good with babies. And then, just as Holly can no longer imagine her life without either Mason or Wyatt, Hannah returns for her son.

Obviously, the light at the end Wyatt and Holly’s winter is symbolic, but the light at the end of my winter is much more concrete. Like the rest of the nation, I am so ready for this winter to be over! I am ready for warmth and sunshine and flowers and swimming pools. Here are ten lights that tell me winter is almost over around here and spring is coming:

10. The dog starts scratching a lot more because he’s been lying in the grass. 

9. Speaking of the yard, I begin to wonder who is going to clean it up. 

8. I mentally catalogue my shorts and flip flop inventory. 

7. My sister talks me into running another race, and I don’t worry how cold it will be, but how humid. 

6. Meals become less of a crock pot affair and more of a salad affair. 

5. My house is suddenly covered with a thin coat of dust from the winds. 

4. I realize I am going to have more body showing and get a little frantic about gym workouts. 

3. I know about some sunscreen last summer, but where did I put it? 

2. I change my desktop wallpaper to a spring scene with flowers and sunshine and pina coladas. 

1. A Light at Winter’s End goes on sale!

What’s your light at winter’s end? How do you know the season is really changing? One lucky commenter (chosen Friday!) gets a copy of Summer of Two Wishes, which is the story of how Wyatt came to be on that ranch in A Light at Winter’s End. Don't forget to leave your email so that we can reach you if you win!