Eleven Questions with Stefanie Sloane!

I'm so happy to host Stefanie Sloane for Eleven Questions! Stefanie burst onto the historical romance scene earlier this year with a quick-release Regency Rogues trilogy, the most recent of which, The Sinner Who Seduced Me, was released last month (and are you kidding me with these covers?!) I'm so thrilled that Stefanie found time to climb into the hot seat to answer Eleven Questions!

Welcome, Stefanie!

1) Alpha or Beta? Mmmmm, Alpha. Sorry, didn’t mean to salivate.

2) Virgin Widow or Secret Baby?
Oh, virgin widow all the way—as long as she’s deflowered at some point, yes? And in a grand, romance-y fashion befitting a woman who’s waited LONG enough.

3) Time Travel or Futuristic? Time Travel, please. I’m much more keen on a hot highlander or rugged knight than an android inspired anything.

4) Hot as Sin or Cold as Ice? The hotter, the better. Cold makes me think of cold fish, or cold cuts, or—even worse—certain things growing smaller in the cold. Not good. Not good at all.

5) Spinster or First Season Out? In light of my virgin widow pick above, I’ll choose spinster. Both the widow and the spinster have seen more of life, and experience has a way of knocking you about—which can lead to a more complex heroine (in other words, more baggage, which means the hero has to work even harder for the HEA. And that’s hot.)

6) England or Anywhere but? The British Isles. And France.  Ok, wait, maybe all of Europe too. Sometimes, you just really need a good Viking.

7) Vampire or Shape Shifter? Well, I grew up near where a certain Cullen clan resides, so I feel a sense of loyalty to vampires—although, I suppose that if the shape shifter in question turns into a wolf, then I’ve a problem. Blast you, Stephanie Meyer!

8) Small town or Big city? Small city! Seattle is my hometown and, in a word, it’s awesome. And smallish. So small city it is.

9) Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Lucinda Grey, the heroine in my first book, is a Belle with the heart of a Wallflower, so I choose a hybrid—Wallball? No, sounds like something you would have played in 7th grade gym class. Belleflower? A little better. I’ll work on it and get back to you.

10) Unrequited love or love at first sight? I think I’m an unrequited love type girl. There’s something so delicious about a man finally realizing that the perfect woman has been standing right in front of him all along.

11) Stefanie’s choice! Answer her question in comments for a chance to win a copy of the first book in her series, The Devil in Disguise!

In light of the recent Royal wedding of Kate and Wills: Steady, reliable, charming oldest heir, or wild, unpredictable, and dangerous younger spare?
Share your answer in comments...and we'll choose one winner on Friday to win a signed copy of The Devil in Disguise!