yoga. yogi. yogurt.

i am crazy about yoga. i think it's one of the most brilliant ways to exercise and to find peace on days when you're stressed, busy, sick or feeling generally out of sorts. the problem is, i don't do it nearly enough. i am making 2008 the year of yoga, though...because i'm turning 30 this year and, at 30, my mom started feeling the aches and pains of the hereditary arthritis that courses through the gene pool of the maclean women. for generations we've all been over 5' 10" and...well...let's just say that we're not small people. we're scots, we like to say, but who really knows? :)

so...i'm committing to doing yoga as often as possible...not just because it's good for me, or because i'm terrified of arthritis, but because i enjoy it. once i've finished with a day's practice, i feel peaceful and calm and rested and ready to take on the world. even if baxter feels it necessary to show off his incredible skill at downward facing if to say, "you're not doing it right, mom. woof."

to show his support of this commitment, eric loaded our new apple tv up with a bunch of video podcasts of yogis from around the country. my favorite is YOGAmazing, a podcast from Louisville, KY, hosted by a cool-seeming guy named Chaz who doesn't beat around the bush like all the other yoga videos do. He expects you to work hard and keep up. And I love it. I (heart) Chaz. (Apparently I'm not the only one...he's got millions of viewers, I just read.)

here's an example of one of chaz's's shorter than usual...but i totally recommend checking him out!

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