OMG! Carrie Ryan goes HOLLYWOOD!!

This is late to the party, slightly...I meant to post last week when the news went public, but life got away from apologies...but as you all know, I *heart* Carrie Ryan and her incredible book, The Forest of Hands and Teeth which is all zombies and romance and yes, please.

So...imagine my incredible SQUEE when I heard from Publishers Weekly that:

Alan Nevins of Renaissance Literary & Talent has just closed film rights on Carrie Ryan's YA novel, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Nevins, who brokered the deal on behalf of Jim McCarthy at Dystel Literary, sold the book, which Delacorte Books for Young Readers published in March, to Seven Star Pictures (K-11, forthcoming). Nevins said the book, a zombie thriller set in colonial times about a girl who lives in a religious community in the woods and is equally worried about a zombie invasion and her planned marriage, is in line to "do for zombies what Twilight did for vampires." Supposedly Seven Star is developing the project for an-as-yet-unnamed A-list starlet, and fast-tracking the project with a first draft of the screenplay already in the works.

Uhm...I think it's worth repeating that FHT will "Do for zombies what Twilight did for vampires."

That's my girl Carrie, yo.